July 24

I like granola.

When I was a little girl my dad’s sister, Aunt Marty, tried to extol the virtues of granola, carob, and bean curd to a 9 year old who doesn’t really care about gross stuff like that. Bring on the chocolate, baby!!!

Now that I am much older and wiser, I find that granola isn’t half bad. In fact, it is delicious! It is fairly healthy too. Making my own makes me feel like a hippy. I feel like I need to have long hair, wear mis-matched clothing and stop shaving. I could never be a hippy. I can’t stand carob, tofu, mismatched clothing or prickly armpits.

I get almost giddy at making something myself for less than half the cost of store bought, and tastes better too. I like foiling the system! biggrin.gif I like being a rebel.

Making granola is so easy. It just takes a long time to bake.

This is what you do. ~~Check out the recipe over to the side~~.

Make sure you have everything. You can make substitutions and even add in dry fruit after you bake it, but I am not a fan of dried fruit. I like to add fresh to mine.

In a VERY large bowl, put 6 cups of oats~~not the quick kind~~

Some slivered almonds

cashew bits~~my favorite nut,~~

sunflower seeds

and oat bran.

Mix well.

Doesn’t that look wonderful? I almost feel guilty liking something this good for me.

Almost. I do like broccoli, too.

In another bowl~~dontcha just love this little bowl? It is so cute, so homey, so old fashioned…sigh…sorry~~mix oil, maple syrup,

vanilla~~again, I don’t measure vanilla~~

and salt. Stir a bit to combine everything.

Pour into your oats. You need a very large bowl for this, because you have to

stir and stir and mix and fold till everything is coated.

It should look like this, and you will be able to arm wrestle a NFL defensive back when you are finished and win.

Then you divide it into 2 pans. I generally make this in 2 large jelly roll pans, but since we are using our summer kitchen, they don’t fit.

These do nicely in a pinch. I just have to bake them 15 minutes longer.

Into the oven it goes.

Set your handy-dandy timer for 15 minutes.

Stir when your timer goes off. Do this for at least an hour and 15 minutes.

When it is done, cool it. It will be all crisp and brown.

Store it in an airtight container.

You can eat it on ice cream, ~~I prefer hot fudge on my ice cream~~or sprinkled over yogurt.

Me, I will stick to eating it with flavored coffee creamer. Vanilla Toffee Carmel to be exact. I am still being healthy. It is granola after all! Go make some today. Be healthy, or at least pretend to be and eat some over yogurt.

Do you like tofu?

July 23

As I have mentioned before, I adore antiques. I also love anything that is shiny and sparkles. Moreover, it must be the real thing!!!

Take this little beauty for instance.

Last Wednesday when my parents were here for the daughters surgery, I stole took borrowed this from my mother’s finger. My sister is always borrowing things from her.  I rarely do.  When we were teens, I was able to wear her dresses and shoes. My sister and daughter now borrow her shoes. I just  borrow her real jewelry.

This ring was my great great relatives ring ~~writing.gif note to self, when stealing taking borrowing something from mother, refresh your memory of it’s history first~~.

Anyway, I had the diamond set in it for my mother for her birthday a few years ago. This ring likes me. It really wants to stay here with me. I clean it daily. I think I will continue to borrow it for a little bit longer. yes.gif

OH, and kiddo……..mom wants her polka dot shoes back.

Did you borrow your mother’s clothing/shoes when you were growing up?

July 22

Every Saturday during the summer our town has a Farmer’s Market at our fair grounds. The boy likes to go, so generally I go with him. We like to hang out together.

Anyway, yesterday they were holding a car show. I love old cars. I love just about anything that is antique. I like to see the old cars restored in original condition.

The ones that are supped up are nice, but to me it is destroying history.

This is the only one that really caught my eye. A ’57 Chevy. I went over and found that the owner of this car~~a little old couple~~ are the original owners. Everything in it is original, and in excellent condition. I was tickled pink to see that. I hope they won.

They also held a rough truck competition last night at the fair grounds. The men went. They had a good time. To advertise for it, they had this in front of all the old cars.

I am not necessarily into car crushing. I have crushed to many cars, personally, to really enjoy the sport.

On the way home,

this cut in front of me. I wasn’t upset because I was waaaaaaaaaay to busy drooling over it.

What a gorgeous piece of machinery!!!

Do you like old cars?

July 21

I took this picture~~well, actually the girl took this picture for me, because when I tried to do it, he heard the camera being turned on, and took off his chef’s hat and walked away~~because it totally shows the essence of the boy.   I can not believe that he doesn’t have on his camo apron.   I love this man/boy!!!

I love looking at the little things in the backgrounds of pictures.  What can you learn about me from this picture?….aside from the fact that I desperately need a bigger kitchen…

July 20

I am happy to report that the daughter is recovering nicely.  The boy, however, seems to think that once you come home from the hospital all should return to normal.   I am educating him. biggrin.gif  His wife will thank me!  He is lucky I am not having him do all her chores, although with his attitude yesterday,  brood.gif I was sorely tempted!!!

So, what do you do while you are waiting at the hospital with nothing to do but watch Food Network, HGTV, and Fox News?

You finish the sock that you haven’t touched since snow was on the ground, and amaze nurses and aids alike with your knitting prowess.

I had probably ought to start on the mate.

What TV shows are your favorite?

July 19

I am issuing a challenge to you all.

The boy and I were out the other day and we came upon this tree. This tree is a thorny tree. It has thorns growing right out of the trunk. I did a bit of googling to find out what kind of tree this is, but I couldn’t find it. I have ruled out the Hawthorn tree.

I do know that this tree is about 50-75 years old. It is small in diameter, but it is a good 40 feet tall.

This is the best picture that I could get of the thorns growing straight out of the trunk. These thorns in turn seem to become the branches.

It is a spindly tree.

And the leaves are kind of oak like.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to find out what kind of tree this is and report back in 12 hours. This message will self destruct in 5 seconds.

Or not.

July 18

My daughter.

Today my daughter will be having her gall bladder removed. Please pray for her today, and me as I sit~~very impatiently by, most likely getting on everyone’s nerves~~ and sit and sit.

Do you still have your gall bladder?