July 31

Rose of Sharon. That is what this little plant is called. I have rows of them on either side of my house. This particular one is only 3 years old. It stands about 5 and a half feet tall. I love this one because the flowers are so beautiful…and pink.

I love pink.

These are 4 years old and stand 8-9 feet tall. Don’t they make a lovely “fence”? I can not wait till the ones on the other side of my house are this tall.

These are the ones on the side of the house that I have had to plant and replant and replant. See the string. I have it left up there so that the neighbors will see where their property ends, and keep their dogs out of my yard, and from ruining my plants.

See the little puny ones, those are the 3rd plantings. I planted them this spring….ok, the guys planted them this spring. The tallest one is the 3 year old one in the first picture. See how fast they grow. That is one of the reasons that I like this plant so much.

That, and they are pink .

Which one do you like best, the single blossom, or the double blossom?

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  1. I have a few Rose of Sharons. I think 2 pink & 2 white. They are not an attractive plant at all until they bloom. Before I knew what it was I would have liked to take it out, but they are really pretty in bloom.

  2. I love your Rose of Sharons. They are on our to-plant list; along the pasture fence line, I think. I’m not sure which one I like the best. The double blossom looks similar to an azalea to me (which I love and also on our to-plant list) and the first pink blossom is very striking, almost exotic. So my bottom line…they are lovely pink that is all that matters! ~haha

  3. We have Rose of Sharon on the back fenceline of our house. They seem to be really old, and were there before we moved in. Problem is, whoever planted them put them in alternately with that bush that breaks out in tiny yellow flowers…what the heck is it. Anyway, over the years these two types grew so big that they intertwined. So right now we have R of S flowers, and earlier we have the little yellow ones. They are beautiful, but a real pain to trim so that we can get through the gate!

  4. I like them both and think that alternating them would be lovely. Unfortunately they are not for me as Alaska is zone 1-3 and they begin at zone 5. 😦 bummer

  5. I like the single ones. They are really very pretty. I like pink too. My one lone rose bush that grandpa gave me for a birthday is a beautiful pink.You know how big my yard is, it has one rose bush in the middle!

  6. I love your Rose of Sharon. I really could use your help. I have a border of these and they are about 10 years old. One died and there is a huge space where there is nothing now. The dear elderly neighbor down the street had promised me one of hers but then she passed away before I got it. Now, about 2 years later a Rose of Sharon plant “suddenly” started growing in the middle of my perennial garden. I would like to dig it out of there and plant it with the border but I’m not sure when to do it. Fall or spring? I live in NY. Thanks so much!

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