July 29

The boy and I are not the only ones with new wheels in our family.

Dad and mom got a new vehicle. The other day when I was over there, and dad was in the shower

the boy and I went for a ride!

Come on! Let’s go!!!

He is very serious about his driving.

So am I. I love driving. I like to go fast. That is why cruise control is so important to me. I hate to pay tickets. blush.gif

I remember after I got my license we took a trip out of state. Dad let me drive. He climbed into the passenger seat, leaned back, folded his arms, closed his eyes and said “you pay your own tickets.” I will never forget that as long as I live. He trusted me enough to go to sleep.  Then I almost sideswiped a car in Indianapolis.  He went back to sleep.  I wonder what mom and my sister were doing in the back seat all that time.  Were they biting their nails,  planning escape routes, laying on the floor with all the pillows on top of them, or did they fall asleep too.   I am clueless!!!

What do you think they were doing?

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10 thoughts on “July 29”

  1. I guess it all depends on how much they trusted you. 😆

    My dad has never fallen asleep when I’ve been behind the wheel, or with anyone other than mom and I think that was because he wasn’t feeling well at the time. I do not like driving my dad at all but I have no problem with just about anyone else.

  2. They were probably passed out! You must take your need for speed after me. I like to go fast too. That is why I love Nascar so much. Looks like a pretty nice vehicle.

  3. hmmm… I don’t know either…but I love speed as well and I prefer not to drive with my husband in the car… he is a “backseat driver”… geesh just because he does it for a living he thinks he’s better at it…giggle…

  4. I wonder when we’ll hear from your mother & sister as to just what they were doing while you were driving.

    Maybe dad will also tell us how he feels about you absconding with his new wheels while he’s not in a position to stop you. 😀

  5. I don’t remember the ride, so my guess is that I probably went to sleep, seeing how that is my favorite pass time 🙂 .

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