July 28

This is the corner of my house.   I am guessing that my house did indeed get jealous from all the other houses in the area getting repaired.

This is the corner of my sons bedroom.   I am concerned.   He said there is nothing to worry about.  It is just the outside of the bricks.

So tell me, does this worry you?  It worries me!!!

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18 thoughts on “July 28”

  1. I noticed when I did some work in your basement,that when who ever built your house used thin blocks that should have never been used in a foundation, aspecially a two story. If these blocks move anymore, let me know and I will come over and look at them…are all the corner blocks moving or just the top ones…it does’nt look good……have a super day!!!


  2. Okay, here’s my less than cheery opinion on your shifting foundation….

    I wouldn’t be worried for saftey sake.
    I would be worried for resale sake.

    If your insurance pays for it.
    Have it fixed, for sure!

  3. It looks like an easy repair at this point but if allowed to sit unattended it could fall into the category of “a stitch in time saves nine”. A weakness in any area of a foundation should be repaired before further damage or damage to other areas of the home due to a weak corner occurs.

    Carol D

  4. I think that I should have a look-see. The wall on the right look like it’s pushing out, and the corner is twisting…I’ll know better when I see it..


  5. Yes, I would have it looked at. I think that it would be much better to have it taken care of earlier rather than later.

  6. I would be concerned. Get a big bottle of superglue and mix it with some cement and fill it in. Sound good? Not! Better have dad look at it. Everyone else has had something done to their house. It probably did get jealous.

  7. Doesn’t look good at all, dear.

    Jealousy does do many bad things. You should really take your house to task on this one:).

  8. Wow. Your dad reads Louis L’Amour, lives nearby, AND wants to come look at a problem on your house that would potentially involve much labor?


    Hey CC! I made PW’s chocolate cake today for the youngest’s birthday tomorrow. I was carefully measuring out the vanilla when it spilled into the pot, but I DIDN’T panic! I remembered that CC NEVER measures the vanilla.

    See? I can be taught.

  9. CC, hubby agrees w/your dad. Glad he’s going to look at it for you. Hubby told me a few things about how there should be a solid column of concrete/cement in the corner blocks and then about every 4′ along the wall so that the blocks could be repaired w/o fear of safety in the house.

    Now make sure that you’ve got dad’s favorite dessert/dinner ready for him as soon as he’s looked at the damage. I’ll be praying that there is that rod of concrete through the bricks and that your dad, w/the boy’s help of course ;), will only need to re-bond the bricks.

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