July 26

This past weekend, Roscoe Village had its 8th annual Civil War Encampment/Re-enactment. We went early, so there weren’t many people there. I don’t much care for crowds, so this was a good thing for me.

They had a few originals on display. I especially liked the colt .45.

Speaking of colt .45’s

This gentleman had 2. This is an officers every day pistol.

This is a presentation colt .45. It was used when presenting a medal or a promotion of some sort. I liked this one best. It is shiny and has an ivory handle. My dad always told me a wink and a smile would get you anything, but it didn’t work.sigh.gif He wouldn’t give it to me.

President Lincoln was there. He was watching to keep things peaceful.

Alas, the rebs were up to no good.

They began sneaking up on the yanks.

Suddenly, there were cannons to the left of us

and cannons to the right of us.

The fight had begun.

oooOOOooooo look, my favorite building in the entire village of Roscoe. The House of G.A.Fisher~~jewelers.

While we watched from the side.

With all the standing around the yanks did, I am amazed that we even won the war.

We soon tired of all the smoke and noise.

As we were walking to the car, we turned to find that Mark Twain and his family following us up the hill. I just know that he was wanting some editorial advice, I just know that he was looking for help. See his face~~he is bursting to ask me all I know. I am in such demand!

This was one of the better Civil War weekends that Roscoe offered. I really wish that we could have stayed longer.

Who is your favorite author?

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14 thoughts on “July 26”

  1. Great photos! I don’t have a favorite author, but I did dress up as Becky Thatcher from Mark Twain’s book and I am from Hannibal. So, maybe I should pick Mark Twain. 😀

  2. I’m with your Dad there, and would love to know his all-time favorite Louis L’Amour!

    And I absolutely LOVE your daughter’s sunglasses. I am neck deep in sin here, coveting them. I just KNOW that if I had those sunglasses, I would instantly be the coolest thing around.

    PS I also love Lynn Austin.

  3. I have so many favorites, but the one I am reading right now is L. M. Montgomery. You take good pictures and your narration is really fun to read. 😀

  4. I followed you over from JLW’s website. I love your pictures. Now I want to go there! I especially like “…how do you know you will be happy with more?” One of my favorite pointy questions!

  5. Great photos. When I first say them this morning I’d not had my morning cuppa so didn’t realize at first that these weren’t authentic 1800’s photos. As I was enjoying the hot java I began looking more closely at the picture of Mark Twain & family and realized that those autos were looking mighty fancy for the time period – even those who don’t know their history would know that the automobile wasn’t a part of the Civil War. 🙄

    You did a great job w/the phots, I’m very impressed.

    My hubby noticed the pistols right off….he came in and saw them from the doorway and wanted to know who’s they were. 😆

    Favorit author 😕 I’m really not sure. As a kid it would have been Judy Blume or Madelyn L’Engle but the one I’ve read more than any other would be Laura Ingles Wilder.

  6. My favorite author is Max Lucado. I love his books for children. Great pictures. I never get to go anywhere hardly, except to work and church, and sometimes up to see mom. You make nice little trips and are so informative, I feel like I have been where you have. Thanks

  7. Aaah, another re-enactment of the War of Northern Aggression. Alas, my son took part in one of those, right there in Roscoe Village. I believe the South won that skirmish. =)

  8. I don’t really have a favorite author. My favorite has changed so many times over the years’. Right now my favorite fiction author is Tracie Peterson. I don’t know who to name as my favorite non-fiction…maybe John Trent (I am reading The Blessing right now).

  9. I don’t have a favorite author, infact I don’t really like to read adult books much unless they are like LOTR books(these I like). I like reading childrens books with my daughter and taking turns reading chapter books with her, like Narnia.

    I also like to read poetry and philosophy books, but not by one author, I like books with a mixture of poets and philosophers’writings. I like reading other peoples views on life and everyday surroundings, or ideas. 😀

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