July 25

This past week, I have been very busy planning and writing and highlighting, printing,  and concentrating for this upcoming school year. See, I have all I need for this type of endeavor. Paper, highlighters, colored staples, pens, pencils, books, smelly candles, a lighter, the ever wonderful post-it notes, and THE most important thing…..a bar of Dove dark chocolate.

Dove dark chocolate stops your head from swimming when you are trying to figure out Grammar or Economics or even Government.help.gif

I will be doing more planning in the days to come. Looks like I need to go get more chocolate!

What is your favorite chocolate?

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21 thoughts on “July 25”

  1. I have been up since 3AM with this migraine because of Chocolate. I love it. I hate it. It tastes soooo good. It brings me MUCH pain.

    Today’s migraine is brought to you by: Starbucks Raspberry Mocha Latte.

  2. to Joanne – could be change in air pressure – are you expecting a storm … hate to think chocolate caused a migraine. As a sufferer of those evil headaches, I find I’m more senstive to incoming storms.

    to chocolatechic – Cadbury’s milk chocolate – the BIG bar, savored one tiny square at a time

  3. Handmade Belgian truffles, of the likes that are not available this side of the Atlantic. WAAAAA! I buy D’Artagnan chocolate (also Belgian) whenever I can find it, but that is hardly ever. So, Dove chocolate or Lindt is an acceptable substitute – preferably dark.

  4. I get migraines, too, from chocolate, among other things. But…my favorite chocolate is Godiva Chocolate Truffles. I haven’t had one in almost ten years, though. I have to stick to the grocery store chocolate. The last one I had was a Nestle’s Dark Truffle Bar. 😀

  5. I think I would die if chocolate gave me migraines. 😦 I hope you feel better, JoAnna.

    Now, to answer your question, CC. My favorite chocolate is Lindt 70% Cocoa Extra Fine Dark Chocolate. I eat a little every day for medicinal purposes. (Yeah, that’s it.)

    I have been in denial about planning, and now I know why: I haven’t stocked up enough chocolate! 😉

  6. Well it looks like you are working, but I don’t see much writing on those pages. I think you are dipping into that chocolate too much and not working. Yep, that’s what I think.

    My favorite chocolate? Well, it isn’t HOT FUDGE!! I like milk chocolate and dark chocolate right from the freezer. 😀

  7. Awww. . . you guys are so sweet!

    CC, I can drink a Dulce de Leche latte without getting a headache. M&M’s are an instant headache. Chocolate is a headache within a day.

    I can eat brownies without pain, though!

  8. Valhrona Chocolate. It’s like eating chocolate gold – it’s so smooth and velvety…

    But alas, tis not to be anymore. 😦

  9. Good to see that you’re doing some work. :thumbsup: And I love the idea of having chocolate at hand. I usually try to have a cup of coffee (depending on the time of day that I’m working) or bottle of water/lemon ade (preferably strawberry)/ice tea and chocolate near by is very helpful as well.

    Favorite chocolate – well to be honest there aren’t many that I don’t like. 😀 I can say that the bitter stuff will only do when there’s nothing else available. What I find works best is something small like a bag of Kisses or Huggs – that way I can have one small piece as I’ve finished something as a reward.:D Some days I get more rewards than others (or maybe its motivation instead of reward) 🙄

  10. Lack of chocolate brings on headaches for me. I am in the process of changing my nutritional intake and haven’t had chocolate(or any kind of candy) for three no, four whole days. My head is killing me!!!!!!!!!!!. I do however love any kind of chocolate, but dark. I love Esther Price chocolates,Reeses cups, M&M’s, Hershey bars, I could go on and on and on. I could live at Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory.

  11. I think you need to post a warning on the “evil” granola recipe. I made it yesterday and can’t seem to stop eating it, thinking it has addictive properties.

  12. I like Russell Stovers assorted truffles…Yum!!

    I like dark chocolate a bit more than regular chocolate.

    I also like the cheapy Palmers and Elmers assorted cream filled chocolates that you get around Easter and Valentines day.

    I like to get a box of Whitmans sampler chocolates around Christmas as a tradition.

    As you can see, when it comes to chocolate, I’m really not that picky…lol! 😀

  13. I don’t get these very often, but I like chocolate covered raisins, chocolate covered cherries, York’s Peppermint Patties, and chocolate covered coffee beans. I like the fudge from the recipe that I use at Christmas, but I don’t make it anymore because I will eat almost all of it and there goes a year’s worth of work! 😉

  14. I’m with Marcia on the Cadbury’s milk bar. 🙂 In South Africa they sell the same chocolate bar but it has littly crispy bits of mint in it…yumm….

    I love Lindt’s truffles too but they are very rich!

    Yeah, Beth, I think that’s my planning denial problem too…not enough chocolate. Yep, that must be it. 😉

  15. Did you all say migraine? Im in my fourth day of a pretty intense migraine that I believe was brought on by atmospheric changes. I sorta want to die right now.

    Good luck on your school organization.

  16. You look so studious….even with the chocolate bar sitting not very far from your hand…:)

    I can’t eat alot of chocolate either…It can bring on a migraine if I am not very careful.

    I did however in light of my hubby’s up coming birthday stock up on the Lindt 70% and 85% chocolate just for him…Aren’t I good wifey?

    I can maybe sneak you some when I send the pencil lead I am determined to locate for you….:)

  17. How do I love thee, chocolate? Let me count the ways…

    Alas, I have had to cut most chocolate out of my life. Right now I eat Plum Sweets, which are dark chocolate covered dried plums. Tasty!

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