July 23

As I have mentioned before, I adore antiques. I also love anything that is shiny and sparkles. Moreover, it must be the real thing!!!

Take this little beauty for instance.

Last Wednesday when my parents were here for the daughters surgery, I stole took borrowed this from my mother’s finger. My sister is always borrowing things from her.Β  I rarely do.Β  When we were teens, I was able to wear her dresses and shoes. My sister and daughter now borrow her shoes. I justΒ  borrow her real jewelry.

This ring was my great great relatives ring ~~writing.gif note to self, when stealing taking borrowing something from mother, refresh your memory of it’s history first~~.

Anyway, I had the diamond set in it for my mother for her birthday a few years ago. This ring likes me. It really wants to stay here with me. I clean it daily. I think I will continue to borrow it for a little bit longer. yes.gif

OH, and kiddo……..mom wants her polka dot shoes back.

Did you borrow your mother’s clothing/shoes when you were growing up?

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  1. Of course I did/do! But I’ve also moved onto bigger and better things besides shoes.

    I am getting paid back, though. My daughter – all of 9yrs old – borrows my socks, shoes, shirts, sweaters, and more. It will only be a few months before I have no wardrobe of my own. If I am missing something, I know where to go to find it… that is if I can decipher the wreckage from the tornado that continually hits her room.

  2. I think that when I was a toddler I used to walk around in your high heels….. 😳 I think that is all I did.

  3. Ooo, a ring from a great great relative, that is nice. πŸ™‚

    I didn’t wear mom’s clothes or shoes. I don’t think she had anything ‘young’ enough for me. I made a lot of my clothes in high school and mom made some for me too. That’s sums it up I guess. πŸ˜‰

    Have a nice day and enjoy your booty loot mom’s ring.

  4. Sadly, and I think she did this on purpose, my mother’s feet were larger than mine. She’s also taller than I am, but it didn’t stop me from raiding her closet for certian sweaters.

    My 14yo wears the same shoes I do, which is wonderful! I tend to neglect my footwear (did I just hear a collect gasp from all shoe lovers?) and having a daughter forces me to buy cute shoes. We justify our purchase by saying, “We’ll SHARE these!”

  5. I took all my mom’s stuff, including her diamond solitaire necklace, which I promptly lost. It is still on my tab. I owe my poor parents about a billion dollars by now! Thank goodness they’re not the leg breaking type, or I’d be in for it. LOL

  6. I spied your mom’s polka-dotted shoes on my mom’s feet at Grandma’s party… so unless she has numerous pairs of polka dotted shoes, I last saw those on your Aunt Sandi πŸ™‚

    The only thing Sarah & I have ever fought over in our whole lives is clothes! We were always “borrowing” clothes from each other and from Mom. And still would, if we lived any closer! Oh, and probably if I weren’t six months pregnant!

    That is a beautiful ring!

  7. I remember that “Borrow” I think the ring was twisted off of my finger!!! But I know I will get Great great Gma’s ring back the next time I see you because you love me so much…Amber’s right…the shoes are with Aunt Sandy, and I told her she may as well keep them and wear them until I see her again because…I have great pain when I wear something other than tennis shoes! UGH…I hate Sciatica nerve pain and will be SO glad when I feel human again. Love you Tanya and…you owe your poor sister an apology since she didn’t take the shoes(LOL) When do I get to borrow your BEAUTIFUL diamond band????

  8. Yes I have the polks dot shoes……they are in safekeeping until I come back to Ohio. they only visit Holy places like church yesterday morning. they were a hit with my black polka dot skirt. everyone loved them….As I said they are very safe…..

  9. That is a lovely ring. I’m glad that you are taking care of it. Don’t keep it too long unless she says it’s yours now.

    My mom will be giving me her jewelry upon her going home, I’m the only daughter. I have told her that if she has something that she wants SIL, niece or my dd to have all she has to do is say the word, no problem. Of course I did remind her that she had given her beautiful pearl ring to my brother to use as an engagement ring to his wife. The saffire is mine. πŸ˜€

    I was allowed to play dress up w/some of her cocktail dresses from dad’s army days. I could also wear her shoes but I had to return them.

    We still wear the same size shoes but I’m now bigger (not taller) than mom.

  10. I don’t remember borrowing anything from my mom. That is until I got older. Then I borrowed a few things. As time has passed and she has lost weight I became the recipient of a lot of nice clothes. We can’t share shoes, I wear a 9 1/2 to a 10. At least my boys don’t ask to borrow my stuff!!!!!!!!!!!lol

  11. Tanya you are so funny. Yes, of course I borrowed Moms things. Like make-up…..not so much clothes. We weren’t the same size “up top”. That is a beautiful ring !

  12. Now I get the The Ring story….I feel much better. πŸ™‚

    It is a lovely heirloom by the way.

    Yes, I raided my poor mother’s jewelry, shoes, clothes, perfume, makeup. In fact there wasn’t much that I didn’t help myself to. My boys are already raiding my t-shirts.

  13. I don’t ever remember raiding my mom’s stuff. She has always been bigger than me and she has a different “style” than I do. I don’t ever remember being interested in her jewelry either. She does have a ring that I really like, it is her class ring from High School….but I think one of the kids has lost it.

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