July 22

Every Saturday during the summer our town has a Farmer’s Market at our fair grounds. The boy likes to go, so generally I go with him. We like to hang out together.

Anyway, yesterday they were holding a car show. I love old cars. I love just about anything that is antique. I like to see the old cars restored in original condition.

The ones that are supped up are nice, but to me it is destroying history.

This is the only one that really caught my eye. A ’57 Chevy. I went over and found that the owner of this car~~a little old couple~~ are the original owners. Everything in it is original, and in excellent condition. I was tickled pink to see that. I hope they won.

They also held a rough truck competition last night at the fair grounds. The men went. They had a good time. To advertise for it, they had this in front of all the old cars.

I am not necessarily into car crushing. I have crushed to many cars, personally, to really enjoy the sport.

On the way home,

this cut in front of me. I wasn’t upset because I was waaaaaaaaaay to busy drooling over it.

What a gorgeous piece of machinery!!!

Do you like old cars?

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12 thoughts on “July 22”

  1. The one area my dad and I bonded most was over old cars. Model A’s, Model T’s, Hudsons . . . you name it. We spent two hours going around the OUTSIDE of the fence at a junk yard, then the neighbor (who kept an eye on things) came over and told us to leave. He relented when he found out my Dad was actually a local come home.

    I looooove old cars. Even when they’re missing headlights and covered in rust.

  2. I would enjoy seeing a show like that, probably not as much as the hubby and son but anyway….

    I can appreciate the older couple who are original owners of that one car. That shows a lot of love and respect that they have to have kept the car so long and in such great shape.

    I wouldn’t mind catching a ride in the blue jobber but to actually have one, in Alaska πŸ˜• uh – NO! I’m too practicle for that kind of a car.

  3. I like old cars. They remind me of slower, gentler days. They have a cruise-in every other week at the old rootbeer stand on Rt.41 and Bird Road.

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