July 21

I took this picture~~well, actually the girl took this picture for me, because when I tried to do it, he heard the camera being turned on, and took off his chef’s hat and walked away~~because it totally shows the essence of the boy.   I can not believe that he doesn’t have on his camo apron.   I love this man/boy!!!

I love looking at the little things in the backgrounds of pictures.  What can you learn about me from this picture?….aside from the fact that I desperately need a bigger kitchen…

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15 thoughts on “July 21”

  1. I’m learning that we have a lot incommon! I see you like Americanna-type things. You either have Longerburger baskets, or you wish they were! I suspect you would even love to have a hoosier cabinet from the way your counter is set up.

    Then, there’s the dainty side of you with all the tea sets and china.

    I’m actually itching to know which book that is facedown on the table! Who’s reading it?

  2. You like PINK. And it seems that you have a place for everything and everything is in it’s place. You have to do that with a small kitchen. Take it from someone who knows!Do you remember Gram’s kitchen on Beverly Ave.? I wish I had a kitchen that size.

  3. JoAnna~~the husband works for Longaberger, so yes, it is Longaberger….you ought to see the rest of my house! 🙄 I have longed for Hoosier cabinet for about 12 years. The book that is face down was Little House in the Big Woods. The daughter was reading it.

    Everyone hit the nail on the head!!! Cool!!!

  4. You like pink 😕


    You keep your large supply of foil and plastic wrap very handy on wall shelves (I am so jealous 😳 )

    You have great china that you use regularly – it is easy to get and isn’t behind glass is why I figure this.

    You’ve given your son a special place for his KA.

    You have forced air heat.

    😉 You keep your butter on the table – I keep mine out as well but on the kitchen counter.

    You are patriotic – the baskets on the wall.

    That’s all I have time for. 🙂

    He does look great though 😉

  5. It looks like you have rather large boxes of tin foil and wax paper (or something similar), so it says to me that you buy in bulk. I do, too. I can’t help it. 😉

  6. Elaine said, “You keep your butter on the table.” I noticed that too. 😀

    Everything above, plus you are going to mop the floor (see the bucket). You like large pickles (big jars on counter). You are very, very smart, because you taught the boy to cook for you. 😀

    Why isn’t he using HIS mixer? Hmmm….

  7. Mine is copper colored.

    I do not like pickles. I just beg pickle jars from others.

    The blue bucket is where we dump water from our glasses or other grey water to water my flowers with.

    It is ugly, but it works.

  8. Well, you have lovely china and you love tea and things that go with tea. You are very organized. You like baskets and pink. Yah know that pickle jar idea for storing things is a good one… why didn’t I think of that?… see, there is something else, you are very smart and creative!!

  9. Your baskets would look very nice in MY collection and you have some nice green things growing outside your window. 😀 I did not know that you were so serious about food wrappings. 😉

  10. you like blue a decent amount also. I however prefer my pink with shades of green. I noticed pretty much the same as the above. But nobody noticed this~ the vinyl table cloth with elastic around it to protect the table. I need one of those for my new table but they are hard to find big enough.

  11. Forgive me, but did you say (drool, drool) your hubby works (drool, swipe) for Longaberger? A thousand pardons for not checking the spelling on that! I meant to do it, but hit enter before I did.

    My friend Lynette and I will be right over to become your instant best friends. Yes, we are only using you for your connection. I hope you can get over that fact.

    Cool idea on the water bucket! I’ve been out of the desert too long and have forgotten things like this. We get rain every afternoon in the summer.

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