July 20

I am happy to report that the daughter is recovering nicely.  The boy, however, seems to think that once you come home from the hospital all should return to normal.   I am educating him. biggrin.gif  His wife will thank me!  He is lucky I am not having him do all her chores, although with his attitude yesterday,  brood.gif I was sorely tempted!!!

So, what do you do while you are waiting at the hospital with nothing to do but watch Food Network, HGTV, and Fox News?

You finish the sock that you haven’t touched since snow was on the ground, and amaze nurses and aids alike with your knitting prowess.

I had probably ought to start on the mate.

What TV shows are your favorite?

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14 thoughts on “July 20”

  1. I’m a reality TV junkie. I also enjoy Food TV.
    Glad she survived the surgery and is recovering well. Hugs!

    ps- Nice sock!

  2. CC I don’t know if I have a favorite TV show, I don’t have time to watch them. But one day while cleaning up the programmed channels in the unit, I came across a show on FitTV that I am willing to make time for. It’s an hour-long exercise program.

    Your sock looks nice. That was certainly a good thing to do too, knitting while waiting. 🙂

  3. My favorite TV shows are: One Tree Hill, Supernatural, and Next Top Model. There are more but I cannot remember the names of them!

  4. Glad to hear Dean is graciously helping Kirs with her chores. A true character building experience. 🙂

    I watch one show: CSI Miami. So, I guess that would be called a favorite. Sometimes I watch the first half hour of Jay Leno, too. There is some British show that I like, but haven’t been able to catch it for quite awhile. thinking thinking…..Oh yes! Keeping Up Appearances.

  5. I don’t have a tv. I love the sock. And I really love that you are making your son into a husband that any wife would love! ;-D I’m glad your daughter came through it alright. 🙂

  6. Sorry you’re dealing w/attitude from CC#1 about CC#2 not being able to do her work. I can understand why he thinks life should go on – her legs aren’t broken, she’s alert there is nothing obvious that is wrong – to the untrained eye. However, knowing that she’d had major surgery he should give her a few days grace about being back in normal mode.

    I like what you knitted. If someone I cared about needed me to be at the hospital waiting, or anywhere for that matter, I would have crocheting projects (small), a couple different books and a notebook to write in.

  7. I like all the CSI shows and 24. I love to watch the food network channel. I have leqarned so much. Too bad I don’t put it all to use. Nice sock. Glad to hear Kirsten is coming along. It will take a while.

  8. Happy to hear all went well! I am going to schedule my own soon…I promise! I soooo dont have time! But my symptoms are really getting the best of me.

    SO…TV…Top Chef, Next Food Network Star…Good Eats…Barefoot Contessa…Do I see a pattern emerging???? I love cooking shows! I want my own cooking show!!!

    Guess what else!!! You won the Lollipop giveaway on my blog!!!

  9. I love the food network as well. Rachel Ray and Good Eats are probably my favorite. The whole family loves Iron Chef.

  10. Cute sock!

    Our television is broken, but I don’t watch tv shows even when it is working. Sometimes I’ll watch American Idol with my family, but after a few minutes I need to get up and do something else to clear out my brain.

  11. How fun to find a fellow chocolate lover who is also a knitter! Great sock, by the way. I haven’t done socks in ages. Knitting by the TV is the best way to get it done. 🙂

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