June 10

The boy made some fabulous muffins for breakfast the other day.

I didn’t “picture” him while he was doing it, but I can say that the end result was fabulous. I made the glaze, and it was a bit to thin, but we didn’t care!

Here is the recipe if you would like to make some of your own.

Cinnamon Muffins

1/3 c. brown sugar, packed
1/4 c. diced pecans
1/4 c. rolled oats
1/2 c. flour
3 tbsp. soft butter

3 tablespoons butter
1/2 c. brown sugar

1 1/2 tbsp. cinnamon

1/2 c. (1 stick) butter, melted
3/4 c. milk
2 large eggs
1 3/4 c. flour
1/2 cup rolled oats
2 tbsp. cornstarch
3/4 c. sugar
1 tbsp baking powder
1/2 tsp salt
1/4 tsp ground nutmeg
1/2 c. cinnamon chips or butterscotch chips

Preheat oven to 400°F. Line a 12-cup muffin pan with cupcake papers, or grease it lightly.

Prepare the topping by mixing the ingredients together until crumbly. Set aside.

Prepare the filling. Set it aside.

To make the batter: In a large bowl, whisk together the melted butter, milk, and eggs. In a separate bowl, whisk together the dry ingredients. Add the dry mixture to the liquid, stirring just until combined.

Divide half the batter evenly among the muffin cups. Drop 2 teaspoons cinnamon filling onto each muffin, then top with the remaining batter. Sprinkle with topping, pressing it in lightly.

Bake the muffins for 20 to 25 minutes, or until they’re golden brown. Remove them from the oven, and wait 5 minutes before taking out of pan to a rack to cool.

Or just eat them warm like we did.

Yield: 12 muffins.

What is your favorite breakfast food?

June 9

The other day I had to go to Stuffmart to get somethings for an upcoming food lab for Home Ec. I thought that I would surprise the daughter by taking her to her favorite hang out.

The Coffee Co.

The Coffee Company is in historic Roscoe Village. Roscoe Village is about the only good thing around here. I love the fact that all the buildings are the originals, that they have all the original flooring, and as much of the original structure as possible in them. I go in and I wonder what used to be in that building, who owned it, who worked there, what it looked like originally. I love history, but more than that, I love the human side of the history.

This is one of the entrances into the building. The other one she has blocked off. I like this one much better. When you go down this hall and to the right, you see this.

And to the left,

I love this old sliding ladder. I am almost positive that this store was once a dry goods type Mercantile.

After you order your Carmel Toffee Javachino ~~this is the only way I drink coffee! Add enough milk and other flavoring so as to disguise the coffee taste~~and your Frozen Green Tea with Raspberry sauce, you have a choice of places to sit.

This looks comfy, and it has really cool atmosphere.

We decided to sit outside though, in a little side courtyard that I had never seen. It was between that building and the leather shop beside it.

I just fell in love with it. I love the wrought iron gates. The daughter didn’t really care, she just followed along. She wanted to get to her Frozen Tea.

omg2.gif She is licking the lid! Where are her manners???

Now she is licking her cream~~Where is her mother??? I was shocked…shocked I say!!!

At least I used my straw, because this is what happens when you don’t!!!

We had so much fun. I love this girl to pieces.

What do you do to surprise your kiddos?

June 8

To say that the boy and I are competitive is THE understatement of the day! Almost everything to us is a contest. Anyone who has played cards with us will tell you, it is the truth!

The other  morning, I put my sock on, and I said to him “I got my socks on first”, which in turn he jumped up, ran down to his bedroom, and back up again with his socks and shoes. By the time he got up, I finished putting on my left shoe, and my right sock. He comes over, grabs at my sock and tries to pull it off. When that didn’t work, the boy cheater stole my right shoe. So I chased him down, and tickled him till he gave it back. Needless to say, not only did I win on putting my socks and shoes on, I beat him home from our daily walk/jog!!!

We won’t mention the fact that he lapped me once and went around 2 more times than I did.

I don’t envy anyone that has to teach their child to be a good loser and a gracious winner when that child is competitive. It is hard. When I was a kid, I remember being so angry that I wasn’t winning in Monopoly that I would pout. I just wanted to win so badly. I wonder if they purposefully made me lose…I hope so, because I needed to learn how to lose properly!!! Alas, to this very day, I hate to play Monopoly.

Are you or your kiddos competitive? If so, you have my deepest sympathies.

June 7th

The daughter and I were on our way to the library the other day and she asked me a really cool question.

If you could go back in time and take 10 items {not people} with you, that you would be able to have replenished for the rest of your life, what period of time would you go to, and what would you take?

I said I’d go back to the 1800’s, and I would take…in order of importance

  1. Hershey’s chocolate
  2. Electricity to run these specific appliances
  3. Hot running water
  4. Air conditioning
  5. Washing machine
  6. Refrigerator
  7. My Kitchen Aid mixer
  8. Deodorant
  9. Underwear
  10. My bed

So, when would you go back to, and what would you bring?

June 6

Before I get started, I have to say good morning to my parents and Grams.  They finally made it to Myrtle Beach.  Please don’t get sick.  If you do, however, I know a good doc-in-the-box you can go to!

We have had some excitement around here.

It is pretty sad when your excitement comes from watching 3 Amish men scrape shingles off a house 2 doors down.

The roof is so steep that one guy had a rope and a 5 point harness to keep him on the roof.

Do you see all the cracks in the roof? The guy in white was using them as hand holds. I sure hope that they fix it!

I wonder if my roof has holes in it…

Ack! The holes are everywhere!!! Of course this roof looks to be the original one.

Our crotchety old neighbor, bless him, has taken it upon himself to tell these poor Amish guys how to roof that house.  He has told us on several occasions that “those boys don’t know what in the world they are doing!”


Just looking at those guys up there makes me dizzy.

I remember being up on the roof with my dad. I hated climbing on the ladder. I was petrified that I would fall, especially the getting on and off the ladder from the roof top. Scary stuff, but I wanted to be with my dad more than I was afraid. Once I was up there, I was fine. But then the dreaded getting back on the ladder. Just thinking about it makes my stomach roll.

And 24 hours later, it is finished. Amazing!!! I bet they wouldn’t have been able to get it done without Homer.

Do you need to do some home repairs?  I know a little old man who would love to tell you how to do it!biggrin.gif

June 5

Last week, the family was out in the back yard tossing the frisbee around, so I thought it would be a good time to snap a few photos of my garden. I was not pleased.

This poor honey rock muskmelon.

The onion seem to be doing alright.

The tomatoes and zucchini with a few onion thrown in. They look like they need something…

But when I came to my strawberries, I was horrified. I just wanted to cry. Almost ½ of them were dead. Why? Why? WHY???

They were in need of something, too. What could it be???

idea.gif Water. The gardener will feel the lash of my tongue! He will not get paid!!!

oh…wait….that’s me! oopsie.png

Thank goodness it rained later in the week.  Now my plants are happy!

Here is the happy muskmelon after the rain!

Even the weeds are happy!

The onions are too.

Most importantly, my few strawberries are happy as well. Please learn from me. Fire your gardener and water your own plants. water.gif They will be happy you did.

I have to throw this next one in. The husband insisted on it. He said “You take pictures of me and the kids….if your blogging about yourself, you have to have pictures of yourself.” sigh.gif……..He took a bazillion pictures of me,dead.gif but this one is the one that I look least fat in. It was the only one I didn’t delete. Here I am, in all my non-pink glory!

Do you like to have your picture taken? As you can see from the above. I do not.

June 4

The sky is falling, the sky is falling.

Well, not necessarily the sky, but the ceiling in my bathroom is…..again!thinking.gif

The first thing I want you to notice is my wall paper. I love this wall paper. I think it would look much better in my bedroom, but since it was here when we moved in, I’m not complaining. It is going to have to come off, sooner rather than later as it is peeling all around the shower….blech!

The second thing I would like for you to notice is that the sky is indeed falling.

Shameful isn’t it?

Here it isn’t falling, just bubbling up and preparing to fall. What is a girl to do???

She puts her wonderfully capable man on the job, scraping off the offending ceiling!

Ewwwwwww ugly!!! At least it won’t fall on my head while I am showering anymore!

Then we have him paint the ceiling with Kilz. In the Kilz, we have added a microbial something or other to stop mold from growing. This is the second time that we have had to do this. The first time, the man had to scrape off all the texture it was a horrible chore. It was moldy and gross. No mold was growing this time, just falling ceiling. It was much easier to scrape this time around too.

Last time I painted….this time the man was elected!!! I had already showered and didn’t want white specks in my hair. He is already gray, so you won’t notice it in his hair!

The next morning, I asked the husband if he put the right Kilz on it. We have 2 different kinds. He put the wrong one on, so the boy repainted it for me yesterday. He is so sweet. He also made us some Oatmeal Scotchies. I have 3 favorite kinds of cookies. Peanut butter, Chocolate chip~~only made with butterscotch chips, and Oatmeal Scotchies.

What is your favorite kind of cookie?

June 3

My parents are on vacation to Myrtle Beach. I sure hope they are having a good time.

The east coast is cursed for the Chocolatechic family.

In 1994, we went on our first  family vacation to Myrtle Beach for 6 days. The first 4 were great. We all were having a blast. It was a bit loud as we went during Harley Biker Week,chopper.gif but we were on our first family vacation and we didn’t care. Then it happened. I got sick. sickbed.gif Went to the local Doc-in-a-box, and got some antibiotics. The last 2 days were misery for me. But on the trip home I began to feel better.

The next year 1995, we decided to try again. We stayed in the same hotel, and toward the end of the week, my parents,  my sister and her husband were going to come too. I was so excited. The first 3-4 days were great. They were a bit loud as we went during a different Biker Week~~they were all foreign calf racers~~ Then it happened. I got sick. sickbed.gif Back to the doc-in-the-box. More antibiotics. I was feeling just a bit of deja-vu. But then, the next day, the husband became ill ~~doc-in-the-box, antibiotics for him~~and the day before we were supposed to leave, he fell asleep in the sun, and got sun poisoning on his left foot. Because we both were to ill to travel, we had to stay an extra day. That wasn’t fun.

On our way home, still feeling cruddy, we were desperate to find a hotel. Up all through North Carolina, there wasn’t a room to be had. We were leaving at the beginning of a Nascar type race. We stopped at every hotel/motel we could find, but there was no room in the inn. Finally in Mt. Airy we found one. It was raining, and I went in to see if there was a room available. They had one room left and I said I’d take it, sight unseen~~at this point I didn’t care. I just wanted to lay down, I was ill, the husband was ill, the kids tired and cranky…it wasn’t pleasant. We were so happy to find a place that we didn’t care as long as we had a bed. We really should have cared!

It was the Bates Motel! The bedspreads and curtains had large holes in them, and so did the nogahide headboard. The door, when you closed it, had a gap of a good1-2 inches, and it rained in that night. Almost every channel on the TV was X rated. In the bathroom, the toilet seat was cracked clean through. The toilet paper holder came completely out of the wall when you needed to get some paper. The shower tiles were falling off, and many were missing, and the shower head came off during the shower. Still, we were so happy to have a place to lay down, we were ALMOST beyond caring.

By this time, I am totally and irrevocably convinced that I am destined to never have a good vacation! Due to my insistence we waited several years before trying again. This time, we thought maybe if we stayed in a different hotel. dunno.gifWe also decided to stay 2 weeks instead of 1, and we were going to share the room with my parents for the last week. The first 2 days were great. ~~anyone noticing a theme here???~~ Then I became ill. This time it wasn’t an infection. Then the husband and the children became ill. I wanted to go home, then and there, but mom convinced us to stay. By the last few days we all started feeling better, but I just wanted to be at home.

I submitted  this as utter proof that our family is jinxed, that we don’t belong on the east coast, and that vacations are a waste of time, and money. I can get sick at home, thankyouverymuch.

4 years later, in 2003, it was my Aunt Sandy’s 50th birthday. On mom’s side of the family, when you turn 50, you get a HUGE party. So, my mom’s entire side of the family rented a huge house in Duck, NC. I really didn’t want to go…..we are jinxed, don’cha’ know! Something bad was going to happen. I just knew it!!! But maybe, just maybe…….since we weren’t going to Myrtle Beach….. maybe we had a chance. Nope! shakehead.gif We were there just a little over  24 hours and we were mandatorily evacuated as Hurricane Isabella was on her way.

It is now 4 years later, and needless to say, no one in this family has ever mentioned taking another vacation to the east coast again.

Do you take regular vacations?

June 2

The other day I went out and threw the frisbee around with the kiddos. Before I was “allowed” to do that, the chocolatechips had to work on their “frisbee skills”.rolleyes.gif

It has been awhile for the daughter. She hasn’t played Frisbee since last summer. So she is serious about getting “back in the game!” No more party animal for her!!!

As you can see…she needs some help.

Get out of the street boy! Where is your mother? Didn’t she teach you not to play in the road??? Sheesh~kids these days!

The boy is most happy to tell her how to do it better. He is happy to tell anyone how to do anything. He is bossy like that. Just like his mother.

She is getting better.

Maybe I spoke to soon.

I just encouraged him to practice his catching skills.

She doesn’t need any help, she is blocking them well.

She has her game face on. She will not be deterred from the game.

Uh…..honey…….sweetie….were over here. What ARE you looking at???

Oooooh…sweaty muscled men with shirts off. OoooK.

It is at this point in the game that I damaged the boy. I was distracted…don’t know why though…maybe it could be that I just don’t throw well.

Can you see where the Frisbee hit him? No?

Here let me help you see this  cut. I feel like a worm…I cut my boy!

The daughter told me “mom, I am so happy. I haven’t had this much fun all year.”  Which in turn made me VERY happy!!!

How do your kids make you happy?

June 1

June first!!!  June first???  Wasn’t it just 3 days ago that it was -25º and I had icicles hanging off my nose and I was  whining about how I would never get warm?

This month the boy turns 17. I remember 17. I graduated at 17, and went to my first year of college at 17. I thought that I was so smart, so mature, so with it! I was so not! I see my boy, and think….was I ever that young?

Anyway, for Birthday’s and Christmas we have the chocolatechips make a list of things that they would like. They rarely ask for anything, so I never know what they want. This is the boys list.

~~I am presenting this to you, my wonderful readers, so that I don’t have to type this out 40 million times for my relatives, because they read this every day. Please don’t continue further if you are bored already.~~

The Boys Birthday list

  1. Digital camera
  2. ~~bwahahahaha~~

  3. Wulstof chef’s knife
  4. Wal-mart gift certificate
  5. Chaco’s ~~they are sandles….”Z1 Colorado is the style I prefer~~
  6. ~~these things are UGLY!~~

  7. Speakers for my MP3 player
  8. Spanish/English Bible
  9. 6 quart Kitchen-Aid stand mixer~~blue if you can get it
  10. Sea salt
  11. Flat screen monitor
  12. Wireless keyboard and mouse
  13. I’m Just Here for More Food
  14. The Baker’s Companion
  15. Binoculars
  16. Infrared thermometer
  17. The Food Lovers Companion
  18. A laptop
  19. ~~snort! I don’t even have one of those~~

  20. CD’s by David Crowder or Reliant K
  21. Bible Cover for a large Bible
  22. Welding gloves
  23. ~~What does he want welding gloves for?~~

  24. Back scratcher

I wonder what he wants to be when he grows up?

Do you have your kiddos make wish lists for birthday and Christmas?