June 30

Sorry I did not get back to you. Last night wasn’t the best of evenings.

This is indeed a fly catcher. Put some sweet water and some meat in the bottom and the bugs are not smart enough to find their way out.

Also, the little things on the mantle were indeed fire starters.  They are pieces of newspaper twisted into a tube.  They would also light their candles with them.

We were allowed to go upstairs on our own. They had to manhandle me to keep me from jumping the barriers and touching all the pretties. It wasn’t a pretty sight, so I will spare you…….and myself the humiliation!

This is a shot of the master bedroom and in the background you can see the nursery. This doctor and his wife had 4 children, and only 2 bedrooms. I’d be kicking the kids out of the nursery and making myself a bathroom!!!showersmiley.gif

There were fireplaces in every room, but this one had a special pot beside it. It was absolutely lovely!

Beside the fireplace to the right was this. You can see the daughter and the barrier. She is holding me back….you just can’t tell at this angle.

I want this lovely dressing table….or whatever it is! Isn’t the carving just gorgeous??? I also wanted to snatch that pair of hand knitted stockings. I wonder who knitted them? was she a good knitter, did she have arthritis? did she like that color, or did she tire of it after she made the cuff?

I just have a few shots of the other bedroom.

This is a silk wedding dress circa 1849.

This desk was beside the fireplace that was at the foot of the bed. Isn’t it lovely?

The daughter wanted me to get a shot of this nightgown. So, I did.tobecont.gif

What do you think the pot in the master bedroom was? I will tell you tomorrow.

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11 thoughts on “June 30”

  1. Chamber pot (AKA “potty”)

    That’s my guess. Although I can’t figure out how it would be used. Would they leave it sitting on the floor? I suppose it is better than heading out back in the cold and dark… 😉

  2. Because it is beside the fireplace, my first thought was an ash pot, but I can’t imagine putting ashes in that. Also, don’t ash pots have to have lids on them?

  3. Questions, questions… 😀

    I have two guesses. A chamber pot (which they usually keep under the bed) or a little bath for the babes. 🙂

    Love the furniture.

    Is Kirs sore after having to hold you back all day long? Poor thing. You should give her chocolate for all her hard work.

  4. The furniture there is very nice indeed. I’m proud of you for not hopping over the barrier to get a closer look. 😉

    I’m not sure what the pot is. I would say that it is a chamber pot, but, chamber pots generally have handles, and sometimes lids and I do not see either a handle or a lid. They were usually kept under the bed and this pot is next to the fireplace.

    It couldn’t be a cuspidor (spittoon) could it? It seems big for that and it is not the classic cuspidor shape.

  5. A fly catcher! Sure beats those sticky paper strips.

    The Master Bedroom Pot would be a chamber pot, I’m a guessin’.

    The little ladies’ table is quite lovely. I can see why you are drawn to it! Love the wedding dress, too. Sure beats all that white fluffy stuff on wedding gowns today.

  6. Looking again at the pot, I see what appears to be a handle. I hope your day is better than your evening was.

    The wedding dress is nice. I wonder what makes it a wedding dress? It just looks like a nice dress to me. It would be practical to have a wedding dress that could be worn at events other than just one’s own wedding. Just rambling – gotta go now. 😉 ((hugs))

  7. I am guessing that the pot had to do with bathing. You could place water in it and the fire place would warm it up so that when it was bedtime you could wash with warm water?

    I don’t know!

    A dollar store in Stratford sold fly catchers similar to the one you pictured. The one pictured reminded me of theirs and that is how I guessed.

  8. A fly catcher, huh, I wouldn’t have guessed that. But that’s ok.

    As for what the pot is near the fireplace, I don’t think it’s a chamber pot, just doesn’t look quite right but then I’m looking at it from a 20th & 21st century outlook not 19th century. I’m thinking like Birdy that it is more likely a bathing pot either for the baby or the adults to take quick baths. 😕

    I think it is more a modern custom for the Bride to wear a fancy white gown for the wedding. From what I know the marriage ceremony itself wasn’t as big a deal back then as it is now. So a special dress would be something made recently, preferably for the wedding, and not black – very bad luck.

    I am enjoying your tours, I’m learning a lot. 🙂

  9. I am thinking the pot can’t be a something to bathe the adults in, because that is what the pitcher and bowl (to the left) are for. Is it a cyst bath? Kinda small though. A foot bath/soak?

  10. Very interesting tour! I can see why their wedding dress would be used for other things… we learned a few days ago that it took the weaver 2 days to make the dress yardage of a single dress…. a dress for a single use would be unheard of.

    I have no idea what the pot is, though I do not think it is a chamber pot… much too pretty.

  11. A fly catcher? Never would have guessed that in a million years. How clever. I would have to guess an ash pot. Something to put the ashes in from the fireplace. I can’t imagine putting ashes in something so pretty, but that is my guess anyway. 🙂

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