June 29

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The next building we went into was the Doctor’s house. I was pleasantly surprised to see one of my home schooling mom friends as the historian in this house. She is such a sweetie. She inspired me to have a room totally devoted to schooling.

When you go in the front door, according to the custom of the architecture of the day, you walk into the hall with a stairway and a little calling card table. There are rooms on either side of the hall.

The room to the right is the parlor.

The picture there on the wall is of the doctor’s wife that lived there. Above the settee was a picture of the doctor himself. The white cloth draped on the settee was her silk shaw. I had to manhandle the girl to keep her from jumping over the barrier and taking it for her own.

I was really interested in the tea set.

This tea set was from England. It was copied from a Chinese tea set. As you can see ther eare no handles on the tea cups, but because the tea is so hot, the English began making the saucers deep so that they could pour the tea in the saucer, let it cool, and drink from the saucer. I would be inclined to just skip the tea cup and pour it straight into the saucer. Or add handles to the cups. rolleyes.gif

On the mantle of the fire place was the doctor’s bible~~beside the candle~~and this fabulous looking clock. She told us that the picture on the clock was painted backwards. She didn’t tell us why.

Do you have any idea what is in the glass between the bible and the clock?

We then went into the dining room.

She was telling us that this box on the mantle piece was the box of tea. Tea back then cost about $6 a pound, and coffee cost about .50 a pound. So the tea was kept in that box under lock and key, and only served to important people.Β  I am quite sure that I would have been served….coffee.

She also told us what this interesting glass piece on the dining table was.


Do you know what it is? I will come back later tonight and tell you exactly what it is.

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13 thoughts on “June 29”

  1. My guess for the glass on the mantle is matches. I’ve been to historical villages before and have seen something like this. I remember something about their matches not having the tips like we think of.

    My guess for the item on the table is a lantern. The candle would fit into the cup on the bottom? That’s probably too obvious a guess…

  2. Very good guesses Gina.

    I thought the sticks looked like those aroma stick things that are popular now…. can’t think of the name…. though I think most likely they are matches as Gina mentioned.

    I have no idea what the glass thing is….

    Glad to see you are back!

  3. Ya got me. I don’t know what either of them are. I was guessing the bottle was a oil lamp of some sort. Can’t wait to hear what they are.

    Loving the tour, Tanya. Very interesting. Makes me want to come up there for a field trip. πŸ˜€

  4. I’m loving the tour as well. πŸ™‚

    Ok my guesses for the sticks in the glass on the dining sitting room/parlor mantle would be: some type of fire starters – matches or back scratchers. Yes I did come up w/my answers before reading any of the other responses.

    As to the glass thing on the dining room table: at first I thought it might be a cover for a large candle due to the bottom of the container – hard to tell if the bottom is glass (the round part inside) or open – or if it is supposed to hold some sort of liquid and is a picture of some sort to pour a beverage out of.

    I guess I’ll have to revisit your blog tonight to learn the answers. πŸ™„

  5. Lovely, lovely pictures, Tanya. I love those huge open fireplaces. I know they are not efficient, but I would love to have one of them in my house.

    The fireplace sticks look like crochet hooks to me.

    The glass on the table is intriguing. Is the bottom ring actually a hole? So, you would set the glass thing over something that fit in that hole. What would fit in that hold? A candle? A plant? Butter? And why is it in the middle of the dining room table? I can hardly wait to find out what is really is!

  6. My guess is that the things in the glass on the mantle are match-like things that you stick in the fire and light the candles with. Is there a wick-trimmer in the glass, also? The glass thing: is it a fly-trap of some sort? You put bait in it, like something sweet maybe, and then they fly in and get trapped? Just a wild guess…

  7. I didn’t realize the glass thing had a hole in it. My second guess is a plant cover. You know, like an eddy-biddy green house. Insect trap sounds good too. πŸ™‚

  8. Oh my! All I could see was that Blue Willow on the shelves in the 5th picture! πŸ˜€ Hubby says I can smell it a mile away. LOL!

  9. From Joel:

    I think that the wooden things on the mantle are back scratchers. The glass is probably a candle holder/cover.

  10. I was guessing incense for the things above the fire place, then I thought it might have something like candy sugar in it.

    I’m thinking the glass thing is a bug catcher. You put sugared/honeyed water in the bottom ring section and the critters would get into it and be trapped as they think to fly up and not crawl out… in specific I’d say fly catcher.

    I love those kinds of houses. We just did one but they were in the very beginning stages, no where as beautiful as this house!

  11. I came back to see the answers but they are not here yet!! Okay, okay, my guesses are: The sticks are Egyptian hooks, you know the kind I mean, right?? 😈 The jar is a genie bottle with an escape hole. I’m surprised they have such valuable, rare, and exotic items displayed. The doc must have been an interesting man! :mrgreen:

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