June 26

Let me first start off by saying, the cake was sooooo good and soooooooo moist, it made me almost like chocolate cake. I even ate my entire piece! I mean, it WAS chocolate!

I won’t bore you with many details, but we all had fun. Why?

We were eating……that is what we do best!

Every since she was little, the girl has always gnawed on bones….sucked on bones, and chewed every bit of flavor, joint and gristle off. It is so bad, dogs won’t have anything to do with the bone once she is finished with it.

All the food was delicious, and the boy was anxious to open his presents. Aren’t we all? Aren’t presents the purpose of having a birthday? If it isn’t, I refuse to have any more!

He opened all his gifties from my parents and his sister. Mine was last. I made the boy hunt for it.heehee.gif

When I ordered this gift, I was so excited. Then delivery day arrived. The boy had gone to work just as the UPS driver arrived. Whew! He didn’t see it. But wait, the boy was still sitting on the porch when it arrived. Crud! He saw the box. That’s ok…no…wait! KitchenAid is written on every surface of the box. thinking.gif He knows what he is getting. sigh.gif

bliss.gif He didn’t know what was in the box. I was wrong~~don’t faint dad~~and I have never been so happy to be wrong!!!

Yeasssss! I didn’t think his smile could get any wider.

Unless…….your Gramps is standing there with…

a .22 with a scope, cleaning kit and rounds. What more could a man ask for???

How about passing his driver’s test today.

Good times!!! Good times!!!

Dad, mom…….my birthday is in 4 months……are you saving up???

Do you have any birthday traditions?

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17 thoughts on “June 26”

  1. I make my family their favorite meal, and then we open gifts.
    They get to pick how they want their cake decorated, or what type of dessert they want. Shan always wants a cake – chocolate of course – and Joel always asks for a sweet potatoe pie. Tim doesn’t care about what kind of cake he gets.

    I can’t wait to make the chocolate cake you made for Dean. I know Shan will love it.

  2. What a wonderful birthday! I also love the last picture. πŸ˜€

    My birthday is in 8 months. πŸ™‚

    Here we serve whatever the birthday person wants for dinner and their cake. Sometimes we have parties and sometimes not. Presents are always after dinner and cake. Have to make them suffer all day long. LOL


    nice used SUV…
    LARGE bills in LARGE paper sack…

    I just got the latest Sears tool catalog, I will mark a few things…well.why don’t I just send the whole thing…

    Dinner and the party was great…cake was wonderful.


  4. One of our traditions is to decorate he cake at the party. We don’t do big affairs, just simple parties with one friend. They LOVE to pile on the frosting and candies and decorations. They are always a super sweet treat. I love not having to do anything but make the cake and frosting.

  5. That looks like a successful birthday party!

    So the Chocolate Chip Boy is now a legal driver? Way to go!!

    I’d say that the smile was bigger for the Kitchen Aid than the .22 rifle. πŸ™„ But I didn’t see Mom getting a hug for her gift. And where was dad? Did he have to work through dinner? πŸ‘Ώ WM to do that to him.

    My hubby is similar to your girl though our dogs have still taken his bones so I guess he hasn’t sucked all the marrow out as she does. πŸ˜†

    My birthday is in 5 months and 1 day! I’ll take one of those cakes for my special day….specially if a good chocolate loving friend comes to make it for me… hint, hint. πŸ˜‰

    As for birthday traditions: We had been taking the kids to Red Robin for their birthday but that may be over now we’ll see when my son’s birthday comes round.

  6. No birthday traditions, but I would like to start one. I would like to actually remember a birthday once in my lifetime! I don’t even remember my own…

  7. Oh!! That cake looks splendid. And now I suddenly have the need to make one. Umm… I think blogland is not so good on the diet! LOL

  8. Happy Birthday to your son and it looks like he had a wonderful birthday party! πŸ™‚

    And Congratulations on passing the driver’s test. πŸ™‚

  9. I’m here from Nan’s blog…

    Oh my goodness the cake you made looks wonderful!

    I read through some previous entries and you must be in Ohio? I’m in SW Ohio near Cincinnati.

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