June 24

A brush with greatness.

This past week, the male chocolate chip had the opportunity to go to an “Alive Fest” up in Canal Fulton, Ohio. They have all sorts of different Christian singers preforming there. The youth group went to mainly hear Jeremy Camp and David Crowder.

The boy really likes David Crowder, so when he had the chance to meet him, he was thrilled.

I was thrilled for him.

Can you not see the joy on his face? Can you not tell that he is on cloud nine?

All I can say is ahhhhh.gif does the man NOT own a hair brush?

Do you have a favorite Christian singer/group?

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14 thoughts on “June 24”

  1. Yikes was my first thought on the hair!! To each his own I guess. A favorite is hard for me to pick from. I guess it depends on the mood I am in. I could listen to Jeremy camp, Toby Mac/dc talk anytime though.

  2. Hooray for Dave Crowder! I loved him at Cornerstone, FL, last year. Of course, I could listen to Jeremy Camp all day.

    I have no idea who my favorite is, but I love the music from Soveriegn Grace Ministries. Their “Valley of Vision” cd is a must.

    I usually only get to listen to what my children put in my cd players, though. This could be Chris Tomlin, but it could be Underoath, too! I love ’em all.

  3. NO WAY!!! My daughter is going to be so envious when I show here these pics!

    Our favorites depend on the week or month but I love Jeremy Camp, David Crowder, Joy Williams, Nicole Nordeman, Nicole C Mullens, Lincoln Brewster, Chris Tomlin, etc.

    My son’s favorite is Toby Mac for sure!
    My daughter 1 loves, loves, loves David Crowder.
    My daughter 2 loves Flyleaf, Superchic[k], & Reliant K.

  4. I thought the same thing that he could really use a good hair cut. I had never seen a picture of David Crowder though I like his music.

    My son is a fan of Toby Mac, especially since he came up here for a concert at the state fair in 2005.

    As for my favorites – Nicole Nordeman, Nicole C. Mullins, Mercy Me, Chris Thomlin and several others. To be honest I don’t know the names of all the artists/groups whose music I like.

  5. I myself love Southern Gospel. The Journeymen are my favorite group.As far as one person, Squire Parsons.

  6. I’m with you & all the other’s CC….that man needs a comb & haircut! I like his music though, he is a gifted man and I love that he uses his talent to praise & worship our Lord.

    I have too many favorite musicians/bands to list them all. It depends on the mood that I am in.

  7. What an awesome opportunity for the Cchip to meet his favorite group. Even better that you got the pictures!!!

    The hair was a little shocking at first….but I have never heard any of his music. What would the cchip recommend first…..?

    Happy Early B’day to the CCHip!!!

  8. Ok, I finally had the opportunity to show Daughter1 the pictures. She caught one glimpse and exclaimed, “David Crowder!!!” I said,” look closer…he’s with CC’s son.” She’s in awe. đŸ˜€

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