June 23

I am ashamed to admit it, truly ashamed, but we have a bully at our house. We have for quite some time, but now he has become a tyrant. It is just shameful.

I have done many things to help him to overcome this horrible trait, but to no avail.

I have watched him chase his lovely mate off in a very ungentlemanly way. She comes silently, looking, trying to make sure that he isn’t there before quickly taking a small drink and hurrying off. So, I purchased her a feeder so that Squeaker the Greedy would allow her to feed.

But no….after I purchase the second feeder, he has begun to lie in wait for her. There he sits fluffing himself, just waiting………yes, waiting for his mate to come and feed so he can chase her off.  Shameful…very shameful!

What makes it more shameful is that I just sit back and watch.

Do you have a favorite bird?

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11 thoughts on “June 23”

  1. just playing “HARD TO GET” don’t you think…why don’t you turn one of your spoiled house cats loose on the bully???

    favorate bird??? roast turkey or fried chicken…

  2. Blue Jays are one of my favorite birds…. they can be bullies too…. they are the cutest babies! My mom saw one this week on her fence…he was screeching like a hawk. No wonder the red tailed hawk has been so fussy lately. ?
    I like lots of birds.

    What is Mr. Squeakers…. I could not tell from the photo.

  3. My favorite birdies come after my sunflowers flower. The goldfinches. I love seeing them all around my back porch. I haven’t seen a hummingbird around here for quite a while.

  4. I am partial to the cardinals, but actually picking a favorite is quite difficult. The male cardinal treats his mate quite well and Mr. Greedy Squeakers should learn from them! 😆

  5. I have seen hummingbirds act that way around here, too. It is quite funny. They sit in the trees and dive straight at whoever is feeding at their feeder. But, many get quick sips while he is busy chasing others. heehee

    My favorite bird is a mockingbird, but I have not seen or heard any that I know of since we moved up here from Florida about five years ago. They were everywhere down there. Are there any mockingbirds in Ohio? 😀

  6. Wow… a hummingbird…. I still can’t tell from the photo. We had hummingbirds in New Mexico, though I only saw them feeding.

  7. Yes, there are mocking birds here in Ohio.

    BS, I had to really zoom in to get that picture. I have to take their pictures from inside just so I can get them. They are very skittish.

    Also as I was watching last night, I saw 2 males and a female. I am so excited.

  8. My favorite bird is the Peregrine Falcon…….

    Since La Madre has done such a good job teaching me to be a gentleman, maybe she should go out and give the Greedy Squeaker some lessons… 🙂

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