June 22

This past weekend, our family went up to Sugarcreek. Sugarcreek has the largest population of Amish in Ohio.

You can always tell which farms are Amish and which ones are not. The neat and tidy ones are almost always Amish.

I love going up there. I miss the country. The open sky calls to me.

I miss seeing the animals,

and the beautiful stillness of it all. There are no little kids running and screaming and whining because they don’t get to get into the neighbors pool. Or splashing and squealing in said pool till after 10PM. I want to sleep!!! rolleyes.gif And even if there were, you wouldn’t be able to hear them because neighbors live VERY far apart!

My heart yearns to be back in the country, but the thing that draws me up there the strongest is






ice cream!

yes.gif blush.gif

Walnut Creek Cheese makes THE BEST home made ice cream I have ever tasted. The texture is like silk, and the flavors…oh…my…goodness. I always get the Turtle Sunday. Hot fudge, caramel, toasted pecans, mini caramel cups, and home made ice cream….It really is a good thing that we don’t live closer, because I could go for some ice cream right now!!!

What is your favorite flavor of ice cream?

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11 thoughts on “June 22”

  1. Hot Fudge does not belong on nice cold homemade ice cream. We have been talked about this before, CC.

    My favorite homemade ice cream is vanilla with lots of fresh juicy berries on top. πŸ˜€

    My favorite store bought ice cream is Ben and Jerry’s Fish Food. πŸ˜€

  2. Well, it is a toss-up between a good homemade strawberry and french vanilla. Actually, I like to have a scoop of each in the bowl and mix them. ACTUALLY, a bowl of french vanilla with some strawberries over it… Oh, never mind… sigh.

  3. I love Homemade Ice Cream! Ice Cream is my diet downfall. Were it not for Ice Cream I would be a thin thing. Alas, I am making the effort to NOT eat Ice Cream. My favorite is Homemade Vanilla. Store bought is Blue Bell Homemade Vanilla. At the beach, here on the Gulf Coast, I love Dippin Dots – Banana Split flavor. The local fast food favorite is Chick Filet vanilla. It taste as close to homemade vanilla as I have found on the streets. They now serve Milk Shakes made with their soft serve. They are delicious!! Super thick and creamy.

    Oh my, a life without Ice Cream …….. if only I could eat but one serving and stop. If I do get a serving it takes over my life. I eat Ice Cream all day and it takes the place of the food I should be eating.

    My kids look at me and say – “What’s up with you and Ice Cream?” It is a love affair that I can not explain to someone that doesn’t share my passion for the cold, creamy, delicious stuff of which dreams are made of.

    The Ice Cream truck of my childhood days is such a fond memory. Ah, I could go on and on about Ice Cream. It is the “Food” Love of My Life!!

    Carol D

  4. I just had a mint cookie crunch sundae at Friendlies yesterday after lunch…I am having a little obsession with them lately. But afterwards I collapsed on the couch and slept for two hours! Anyway, I like mint, but one of my favs lately is Neapolitan Dynamite by B&J’s!

  5. That does look so peaceful in the country.

    Ice cream….well we all know that Applie is off her rocker when it comes to hot fudge and ice cream. πŸ™„ Fortunately with her not eating it leaves more for the rest of us to eat on our ice cream. πŸ˜†

    My favorite….well right now my favs are Dryers Peanut Butter Cup and Safeway Select White Chocolate w/Raspberry – it has peices of chocolate in it as well – YUMMY!! I do love homemade ice cream and we are thinking of buying a churn so we can make our own.

    I’m not fond of chocolate ice cream…. I know CC you probably think less of me for this but I’m sorry I’m just not fond of it or strawberry unless they are part of a banana split then I’ll eat both flavors. πŸ˜€

  6. Oh wow, do I have to pick one?? I think my favorite is Blue Bell’s Cookies n Cream. But I also like Braum’s Pecan Praline, and Ben & Jerry’s Toffee Crunch. But then I also love anything with peanut butter and chocolate mixed together (my mansion in heaven will be made of peanut butter cups!) and I also love Chocolate chip mint.

    But, alas, I can no longer indulge in such wondrous concoctions, so I will just sit here and dream…

  7. I agree with Andra. Peanut butter and chocolate. Her mansion sounds wonderful. I will take it upon myself Andy, to eat ice cream for you. It is a heavy burden, but I will bear it!

  8. East Texas has one major negative in my opinion and that’s that there are no Amish here! I used to spend time with my grandparents in the Ozark Foothills in Arkansas and we visited the Amish near there regularly. I still miss that. Thanks for the pictures – they’re lovely!

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