June 20


I know that I have mentioned before that the girl chocolate chip loves tea. So do I.

I love the process that goes with it. I would have loved to live back in the era of having tea, having servants bring you tea when you “rang” for it. I love the whole tea cakes and tea pots and tea cups and tea spoons and tea cakes and well…..everything. It is just so elegant. I want to be elegant.

Here at the Chocolatechic house, we do our best to bring culture and elegance into our lives. yeaahh.gif

Today we had a lovely Irish Breakfast tea. Notice the disturbing lack of scones, cakes, and/or cookies. Very disturbing, and very inelegant!!!

We take our tea on the Veranda. Still no cakes, scones, cookies or the like. sigh.gif I think I am going to have to talk with Cook. She really needs to be taken in hand! She must be related to my old gardener.

See how cultured she is…….oop! need to work on that pinky finger. shakehead.gif

Just like coffee, tea is good to the last drop. Unlike coffee, tea is good for you.Β  And it is elegant! biggrin.gif

Did you ever play tea party when you were a little girl?

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  1. Oh! Your teapot is so beautiful! And I love your strainer! I’ve always wanted one of those.

    The girls and I would have tea on a regular basis but have slacked off of late. I guess that means our lives are hurried and we need to slow down, because there’s a definite “slowing down” when it comes to all things tea.

    My oldest DD is the scone maker here. She also makes a mean shortbread!

  2. I remember playing tea party. I even remember my mother having guests over and serving them w/her tea set (which will be mine upon her passing – not that I’m in any hurry to have this happen just stating how it will be πŸ˜† ) and she was kind enough to allow me to help. I’m thinking that mom got her set, along with her china, in Japan though they are not Japanese in style only in colors.
    I’m not a big tea drinker unless it’s sweetened and iced. πŸ™„
    I do love your tea service and you really do need to tell that cook of your to begin doing things right or be fired, same for the gardener. And I can’t believe you haven’t taught your daughter to hold her cup properly, shameful.

  3. I don’t remember having tea parties as a little girl, but I do remember playing “rich”.

    I sure do love tea parties now, though.

  4. I love tea parties. Our WCG has one every year foe Mother’s Day. Such beautiful tea sets! I have a lovely tea set my momma bought me. I used to resd of how the ladies back a few years used to carry their tea sets with them in a case. They could have tea whenever and whereever they wanted.

  5. CC you are so funny! πŸ˜† I too am disturbed by the lack of scones and what about that folded pinky finger?! πŸ˜‰

    That is sweet though, isn’t it, sitting on the veranda drinking tea with your kids. πŸ™‚ I need to do that with my remaining girl at home. I’ve threated boot-camp for the next few weeks and tea would be a nice touch each day during boot-camp, yes. :mrgreen:

  6. No, I never played tea party. My girls do and they are so cute. πŸ™‚ I love your tea set also, so elegant, but the lack of scones and the pinky finger is, well, so uncivilized.

    I like tea. I love sugar with a little bit of iced tea, so I don’t drink it. I do like hot tea and drink it every morning without sugar. Usually one of the girls will bring their tea cups to be filled. Such cuties. I won’t let them have sugar in it either. πŸ™‚

    You daughter is beautiful.

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