June 17

Today is Father’s Day. Happy Father’s Day, Daddy! I just want you to know that I love you. You are a great dad, and a great Grandpa. Sorry, I couldn’t find the perfect SUV for you, so you are entirely out of luck.

Now back to our lovely tour of the museum.

After the downstairs, we moved on to the Asian room. The thing in this room that is most striking to me is the carved wooden screen. It is gorgeous!! and HUGE!!

30 carved sections.omg2.gif

I took this so you could see just how big this thing is!!!

Can you see how it is 2 dimensional? These pictures do not do it justice.

This wood is so beautiful.

This is the top of another screen. It must have taken years and years and years to do one piece. I’d get way to bored and have to move on to something else.

Another favorite of mine in this room is the Sammauri.

This picture doesn’t do him justice either. See all the lovely vases in the background? I thought of Donna when I saw him.

Here are his feet. I wonder who wore this suit of armor. I wonder if he was a worthy warrior. Was he married? Did he have 15 children? Did those shoes make his feet stink?

Did he lop someones head off with one of these swords?

Did his wife use this crochet hook? Did she have a huge wooden screen?

Do you like history?


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10 thoughts on “June 17”

  1. I love history.

    I didn’t realize how close in sized your chocolate chips are. I can see that the boy is a little taller buy your girl is taller than I expected.

    Looking forward to learning more about what you saw here.

  2. Did he lop off someone’s head? Hahaha. That is a nice thought.

    I like the screen. I can appreciate the time that it spent to make it.

  3. Yes,I like History. I sometimes invision myself in other peoples places in other times. We could use a time machine here.

  4. I love history but tend to lean more towards certain time periods.

    My IL’s have a couple of those Shogi Screens. I can just imagine how breathtaking that screen is in person after seeing the ones they brought back from Hong Kong.

    How cool you would find a Shogi Screen and Samuri where you live…..:)

  5. I love the screen and the detailing. Can you imagine how long it must have taken to carve that?

    I do love history. Just ask Tim how many times I’ve made him stop at “hysterical” (as he calls them) sites when we are traveling.

  6. Wow what a screen! Can you imagine dusting all the nooks?

    Your museum went up several notches since they have a samurai suit of armor. 🙂 I can pretend to answer those questions. 😀

    Was he married?
    Probably and by an arranged marriage.

    Did he have 15 children?
    No, he was not home enough. He might have had 2 or 3 cute little kids by his wife.

    Did those shoes make his feet stink?
    Not as much as you’d think. They basically wore what resembles flip-flops, that is why the toe is split.

    Did he lop someones head off with one of these swords?
    More likely he was hoping for an artery, any artery. It’s possible that a head might have come off or an arm.


    I really like the vases. Blue and white dishes like those patterns are my favorite. 🙂 I have Blue Willow dishes.

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