June 16

We interrupt this fascinating documentary on the museum I visited because I have been tagged by Donna for a MeMe on how we started homeschooling.

When the boy was to enter into Kindergarten, I knew that I didn’t want him going to public school because I knew that they wouldn’t be teaching them the same ideals that I had already been doing for the previous 5 years. So, I worked at a Christian private school to pay for his tuition to attend. During his 1st grade year, I began to panic because the daughter would be entering school, and my working there wouldn’t cover both tuitions. As I shared this with my best friend, she suggested home schooling. This excited me and frightened me just a little.  The first year that I was in college, my major was elementary education.  I love to teach others anything that I know.  So, I researched it, pre-internet, at the library and spoke with other home schooled people.  I liked what I saw, so we started in his second grade year. We have never looked back. The boy will graduate in 2008, and I am ever so proud of him.

The thing I love most about home schooling is watching the chocolate chips learn new things, and really get to know just who they are.  Kids are really interesting people.  I have not for one minuted regretted home schooling. Thank you Beverly. You have always been a great friend and inspiration to me.

Did you know any of this about me?

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  1. Yes, and you inspired me to homeschool my kids. And though I don’t still homeschool, I believe I gave them a solid foundation in which to build on.

  2. You are doing such a good job with your children, the chocolate chips 😆 There will be a wonderful young man graduating next year and I hope that the rest of the people that he comes into contact with appreciate all the hard work you that you have done in raising and education him. Also his future wife will need to get down on her knees to thank you for him. 😆

  3. Of course I knew that. I am so glad I homeschooled Jarrod. We got a late start, but we did very good. He just started his first quarter of his second year at ITT Tech. He decided he didn’t want me to homeschool him through medical school so he could be a brain surgeon.lol

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