June 15

Still in the Pioneer room.

They had a cast iron stove. It was one of the small ones that are used as heat and cooking.

They had to see how heavy the iron was, but…

I wonder if the boy read this.

This was right next to the stove along with 2 different kinds of spinning wheels. I love the use of color. Whenever I think of the pioneers and the “old west”, I tend to think of all the clothing and quilts and every other textile thing to be brown or drab.

The boy wasn’t really interested in spinning wheels, the guns caught his eye. In the case was a Henry repeating rifle and

a really cool set of dueling pistols.

I like guns and all, but who cares about guns when you can look at

beautiful old dishes. I wanted to take this one home. I don’t think they would have missed it.

The last thing in this room that I wanted to share with you is this lovely antique typewriter. It even had different fonts. Again, forgive the blurry picture.

I didn’t want to take this home. Not when I have a PC at my disposal. Working on the husband for a lap top…….maybe for Christmas.

Did you take typing in school?


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12 thoughts on “June 15”

  1. Yep! I took typing in school, and I’m so glad I did.
    I love the dish, if it happens to end up at your house, can we share?

  2. leave it to the boy to find the real important stuff..

    can a dish protect you????….i’ll take a good gun anyday…..


  3. Yep, took typing and now have to get my kids to learn. It’s even more important today w/all the computers out there and growing fast.

    Remember where this museum is so that when I come for a visit you can take me there and then I can take thousands of pictures as well. πŸ˜†

  4. I took typing in HS and remember it well. I did pretty well at it but not as well as some of the students.

    You know, reading your blog makes me a little homesick for the days when I homeschooled my sons. I miss the activities we did and the little trips we took. Talk about mundane..my life is just that now without kids in it all the time! Thanks for sharing a little of your life with us. πŸ™‚

  5. Yes I took typing 2 years ago…..and I will have to take it again this year… πŸ™„ The gun was sooooo much more interesting than the spinning wheels….I mean come on…it isn’t everyday that you get to see a genoowhine Henry repeating action rifle…..load it on Sunday and fire through the whole week without reloading…..

    (I don’t even remember the spinning wheels)

  6. Yes I took typing in school. Did very poorly with my crooked little fingers. I can now type 60 minutes a word!

  7. The guns would have been nice to see. I like the quilt. What’s with the happy face in the dueling pistols box. πŸ™‚ The typewriter is interesting too.

    Yes, I took typing in high school.

  8. Yep, I took typing in school. It came very naturally to me. I was lucky. I think playing the piano really helped me to pick it up fast.

  9. Yes I took typing…but mostly we typed the Asci drawings….You know…you type the letters and the spaces and it creates a picture?

    Can we go here when we come visit…this place looks really cool!!!!

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