June 13

Father’s Day is coming up, and I have been wracking my poor brain to try to figure out what to get for my dad. How can I show my dad just how special he is to me???

idea.gif I thought about tools.

NOPE! The man has every  hammer.gif  tool bigsaw1.gif invented bigscrewdriver.gif and double bigwrench.gif and even triple bighammer.gif  of some of them.

Ohhh…how about a gun….gunfire.gif

NOPE! Dad has at least 32,000 of them……antiques to the heavy hitters.

He also has a “comatose” chair bigrecliner3.gif which he regularly falls asleep in. He has every electronic gadget one could wish for~~ Portable DVD player, CB, police scanner, surround sound, radio with a 5-disc CD changer, etc….

Vacation? surfing.gif He just took one!

computer_typing.gif Computer, nope….has 3.

clever.gif Tie? Well, he is a preacher. He has 57, and he even has a sequined red, white and blue tie that he wears on the 4th of July to be funny.

Sigh……I am out of ideas. help2.gif

Dad????   What do you want?

What is everyone else giving their dad for Father’s Day?

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15 thoughts on “June 13”

  1. I have no clue. Your dad sounds like mine.:-) Sometimes I think that I will just write him a letter and tell him how thankful I am of all the things he has done for me and how much I love him.

  2. i was hoping as i scrolled down your post that you would have the best idea for dads. sorry, i am no help cuz i have no idea either. i found your blog from a comment on pioneer womans. your recipes are wonderful, i’ll be back!

  3. have you forgotten????? i got my ears fixed……

    a new SUV would be nice….i don’t have one of those…

    just sent cash…large bills in a brown paper sack….

    oh…..the lemon icebox desert that didn’t make it to the house…


  4. Hi CC, thanks for the visit to my blog! We are planning on having a Southern picnic with fried chicken and other yummies for my dad, hubby and bro in law. Should be a fun challenge for us New Jerseyans. 🙂

  5. My dad is no longer here. All I have are memories of him. The boys and I are giving Uncle Jim a trip to Connersville,Indiana on fathers Day to see and hear Daniel Rodriguez sing. He is a great tenor and he will be performing for a fundraiser for the Connersville High School Choir.You may have heard him billed as “The Singing Policeman”.

  6. I have the same problem, CC. My dad gets what he needs when he needs it so finding something is difficult.

    I figure that since I didn’t get mom anything for mother’s day I probably won’t for dad this Sunday. My kids are trying to figure out what to do for their dad for when he comes home, so far we’ve bought him The Band of Brothers dvd set.

  7. When my dad was alive, he already had everything, too. I’d sometimes give gift certificates to his fav stores.

    Father’s Day is bittersweet for me. Daddy was buried the day before father’s day.(1992) It was also my hubby’s 1st father’s day. (DS was 5mo old) So needless to say it is a difficult day for us.

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