June 11

The kiddos did another home ec lab. They struggled with this one.

First they had to rush around getting out all the ingredients.

Here are the ingredients for the salad.

The boy began making the candied almonds while the daughter began frying the meat.

Here is the meat and garlic. oopsie #1 Should have used a bit of oil in the pan.  My mom got me this pan for Christmas 2 years ago.  It is such a nice pan, but the Teflon is beginning to not do its thing anymore.  We use it every morning for eggs, so I wonder if it is worn out.   Not using oil in the pan doesn’t help much, either! thinking.gif

Yummy candied almonds for the Mandarin salad.

Mixing up the muffins. oopsie #2 To much applesauce.

Meanwhile at the other counter…

The boy is mixing up the dressing.

Readying the muffins for the microwave. oopsie # 3 Muffins are gross cooked in the microwave.

And last but not lease, oopsie #4 The daughter had the heat up to high after the sauce was added to the meat. To add insult to injury, the boy decided to take over the meat when it wasn’t going the way he thought it should. I should have never left the room.

Where was I??Most of the time in my director chair. Except for a brief few minutes at the end when I went to check my email.

The salad was delicious. It had mandarin oranges, candied almonds, romaine and a lovely vinaigrette dressing. The meat was ok….a bit caramelized, but ok. We had one bite of the muffins but they were gross.

Learn from us. Don’t cook bread stuff in the microwave…dead.gif Please don’t leave the heat at medium after you add a glaze…and when you leave the room for a few minutes when your kiddos are snarking with each other…….DON’T!!! It could be disastrous!!!

How old were your kiddos when they started to cook?

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  1. Shannon was about 18 months old. We would make muffins every morning. By the time she was two, she could get out most of the ingredients (standing on the counter of course) by herself. She now mixes up cookie dough by herself. Unfortunately, we don’t cook together as much as we used to. She likes to sleep in now, so it is a rush to even get them ready in the morning.

    Joel started cooking when he was around 3. He helps me alot in the kitchen cooking, but he’s my biggest test taster. Extremely honest, but very nice about it. I use him to test new recipes for cookies because I know I can depend on his taste.

  2. I started cooking oatmeal with Grandpa when I was a year old. I could make coffee by myself when I was 3.

  3. I have pictures of Samantha learning to cook around the age of two. We have always had her in the kitchen and now she loves to cook. Ashley on the other hand didn’t work out the same. She is not a big fan of cooking. She would rather be out riding horses.

  4. I cant recall when I learned because we were always in the kitchen with our mom and it seems like we just grew up always knowing how. I start my kids at about 8 years old. But my 24 year old daughter who is now married sure doesnt seem to remember a thing I taught her in cooking! LOl

  5. I can’t remember when my son started cooking. He used to cook lunch when he was home. My girl is another story entirely. She cooks if I am there to guide her and if I ask her to come and help, but she just doesn’t gravitate toward the kitchen.

  6. To be honest here my husband taught the kids to cook. Every once in a while I would let the kids help w/adding ingredients when doing something like cookies but it was dad who taught them to make pancakes and waffles. They were around 8.

    I too have found that I have to be close by if both kids are in the kitchen together doing anything. The only time I’m not is if hubby is home and with them. We can’t even go the bathroom w/both in the kitchen w/o hearing a fight break out. 🙄

    Daughter’s specialty is omlets and the boy makes great cookies.

  7. I started teaching my boys to cook when they were three or so. They liked it and still do, though neither has chosen it as a career.

    CC, what kind of meat did they use? Looks like pork steaks, maybe? And what kind of sauce was used?

  8. My boys started out at about four,helping me make homemade bread. Jarrod and I just made some yesterday. They cook enough to keep from starving.
    Sorry to say, I was usually in to big of a hurry to let them help out much. We have a little more time now.

  9. Our kitchen is so small, it’s hard for two people to work together. 😦 My kids help now and then with adding and stirring, but none of them actually cooks anything. DS10 shows interest, and even bought his own kids’ cookbook. Once in a while we’ll make something from it. I really need to make more of an effort to get them in the kitchen. 😳

    Tanya, I think we have almost the same kitchen range. I got mine last month. 🙂

  10. Both kids started bake very early on. I started both with Rice Krispies.

    I’d say it was around 5 that I let them start with cooking supper. DD is nearly 6 now and can do a fairly good job chopping veggies and such. DS saute’s with the best of them. Does an excellent job with his meats, and is good at knowing when to pull the pasta out of the water so it is perfect. He’s nearly 8 now.

    DD cut her finger for the first time last night. She was very upset!

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