May 30

Two Peas in a Pod

Congratulations 4hisglory. PM me your address and I will get you your prize out tomorrow.

You wouldn’t believe how much they do look alike.  Aside from the fact that the boy’s eyes are blue and his dad’s are brown, they do look very similar. Many people tell me that he looks like his dad.

I had it narrowed down to Two Peas in a Pod  and Two Heads are Better Than One, so I had the husband decide.

I also liked “Thanks for the keys, Dad”and,  “I’ll be good dad, Promise”

Thanks for playing.  We will do this again.  I had fun.


Change.  Change is good unless you are one of those people who happily and joyfully live in the rut they are in.  My son and I are 2 of those such people.  We love our rut.  We thrive in our rut!

Yesterday I put a kink in the boy’s rut.   How could a loving mother have done such an awful thing as that?  Simple.  All I did was walk a different way.

We have been walking in the mornings for about 2 years now.  We have found a route that is good for us, and that we like.  Yesterday I went a different way.  I know, I know……awful I was to him.   I feel bad, but not bad enough to walk the way he wants me to this morning!  heehee.gif

How do you handle change?

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8 thoughts on “May 30”

  1. Congrats, FourHisGlory!

    I am good with change. I thrive on it! Guess that is why God let me be an Air Force Wife. I love to move to new places and see new things…excpt Biloxi! I’d already been here, several times, and seen it! BUT…I will bloom where I am planted.

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