May 27

The other day as I went for my morning walk, I came upon this HUMONGOUS moth laying in the middle of the road. It’s wing span was a good 6-8 inches.

So, being the super home school mom I am, I called ~~read yelled really loudly at 7:30 am, being totally inconsiderate to all the neighbors~~ to the daughter to bring the camera so I could take it’s picture. Why didn’t I go back and get the camera myself? Because every 14 Β½ year old daughter, recovering from an ear infection should be made to walk down the middle of the road, barefoot, to do her mother’s bidding. It is a right of passage. That, and I was to lazy to walk back the 2 houses down and get it myself.

Seriously, I knew that she would want/love to see it in person, and she did.

So, here is the nasty thing…… all of it’s fuzzy glory.

This one just totally grosses me out!!!

I took the pictures, went on for my walk and came home to upload them. When the daughterΒ  saw that the pictures that I had taken didn’t get a “good close-up” of the antenna, she had to go back out…wearing my flip-flops. Why did she have to wear MY shoes??? Now my flip flop has touched moth antenna. Does that make me cool yet?

So, to all the science freaks lovers, please don’t totally write me off. I mean I did take it’s picture, aaannnnd I let my flip-flop touch it’s antenna. However, I refused to bring it home like the daughter asked, and I am totally ignorant as to what kind it is. I am quite positive that Donna, Barbara-Sue, Applie or someone else will be sure to tell me what kind of nasty moth this is.

So, do your kids wear your shoes?

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11 thoughts on “May 27”

  1. OooOOO! CC is talking about bugs. πŸ™‚ Yep, you have gone up a notch in coolness. πŸ˜€

    It looks like a cecropia moth from the wild silk moth family saturniinae. Some of my favorite moths are in that family. πŸ™‚ You are so lucky to have seen it!

    Thanks K for getting moth antennae on your mom’s shoe. πŸ˜€

  2. That is a really cool moth. I am glad that she got the pictures of the antenna. They look like little fern leaves. Very cool!

  3. I think that you did very well in having the camera come to you, you took the pictures and continued w/your walk – very commendable. As for having your flipflop touch the moth’s antenna – a good washing will take care of that stuff.

    Yes my daughter will put on anyones shoes by the front door – she can wear my shoes w/ease now. πŸ™„ a fact that she’s quite happy about since this means we have the same size feet (this makes her very happy as her brother is now just taller than me and she can now brag that she wears the same size shoe – well almost).

  4. Cool Moth, and yes, with 5 girls…….my shoes are ALWAYS found somewhere other than where I left them.

  5. Shan does wear my shoes from time to time, they are a little big yet, but not for long. She also wears my shirts and sweaters to school. They, unfortunately, fit her quite well. And she’s only 9….

  6. So I have entered the science freaks club….. when did I cross over??
    I did look for it’s identity…. but could not find it… I am glad my co-science freak was able to identify it for you!

  7. Ooo he is a purdy one. Yep, Donna is right. It is a Cecropia Moth. According to my book it says, “This moth was named after Kekrops, an ancient king who was the legendary founder of Athens.” You can tell it is a male, by the huge feathery antennae. Cool.

    Yes, you are inching your way into coolness. πŸ˜€

    About the shoes. They wish!!

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