May 25

Natalie Burgers…..

My sister’s comment the other day about Dot and Lute Green got me to thinking about Natalie Burgers. I haven’t thought about them in quite some time.

Moving to Doe Run, Missouri was quite a bit of culture shock for us. For the 3 ½ previous years we had lived in Houston, Texas and Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Then we moved to Doe Run 2 months into my senior year of high school. My graduating class in Oklahoma had 300 more people in it than the entire village of Doe Run, and that is including dogs, cats, chickens and the occasional pig.

In my dad’s church there was this little old couple….Dot and Lute Green. Dot couldn’t wait to get married so she could get fat. She grew up knowing what everyone else around there knew…..if you were skinny, you were sickly. Way back then, my sister and I were………..sickly. My sister is still thin, but I wised up and got on the healthy train!

One day, my sister and I walked over to their house, and Dot fixed us Natalie Burgers. They were named after their granddaughter. I watched Dot as she formed the patties and put them in her old cast iron skillet. Then when they were almost done, she skooched them over to the side of the pan and took the buns, laid them right in the grease and grilled them. omg2.gif Mom would have had a coronary right then and there, and I couldn’t wait to eat them!! She also made us wilted lettuce. That was something that 1. I had never heard of before, and 2. you put melted grease on your lettuce? I was a bit scared! What else did those people put grease on??? No wonder the woman was plump!!!
Over the years, I have tried and tried to recreate a Natalie Burger. I have used different grades of burger, I have used different brands of buns, seasonings, no seasonings…I think I have tried it all, but I have now realized my problem. I just need more grease.

After I master Natalie Burgers, I WILL conquer my mom’s apple pie!

Is there something that someone special makes that you just can’t seem to recreate???


Next Tuesday the 29th, I will be holding my first “Name that picture” contest. Awoman on another blog that I read holds these often, and they are always fun. She gives out extravagant prizes. I am not her, so I will not be giving out an extravagant prize. My prize will be priceless!!! The prize is a lovely hand made dish cloth, made by yours truly.

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  1. My moms sausage gravy and cabbage rolls. We are also working on my FIL’s apple pie. We watched him make it and still can’t get it.

    I love wilted lettuce. We just got some lettuce and onions from my parents garden last week and made some. And as for grease,that is normal around here. I have tried to cut back though. I was raised in a family where almost everything was cooked that way. Not healthy, but it sure was good. I always save my bacon grease to put in my green beans. 🙂

  2. I’m not sure one could ever recreate the Natalie Burger. I think it was a Dot specialty. But,,, keep trying. And you’re probably right – you need more grease!
    Thanks for reminding me of that. We did have great times at her house.

    I would like to try and recreate Aunt Karen’s Chocolate Chip cookies. They have a special flavor that I love. Of course, now that I can’t eat them, I have no idea if I am recreating them or not. The last time I ate them was when I was in the hospital when I was pregnant with the kids. And I had to sneak them since I had gestational diabetes. But they were worth every bite!

  3. I can’t say that I had ever herd of wilted lettuce..?

    It sounds um interesting……the burger I could probably get into.

    No one in my family could cook so not much recreating there…I would like to make mouth watering biscuits like the ones you get at that awful place mcdonalds…even Hardees biscuits are good. I am on the quest for the perfect golden brown fluffy biscuit that one can soak in good ole homemade sausage gravy.

    I would treasure a CC original dishcloth….I want to participate…:)

  4. My mom makes a ‘to die for’ chocolate cake with walnuts. I’ve never been able to do it as well as she does. 🙂

  5. My mother’s fried chicken. How can I not get it right, I don’t know, because she used flour, salt, and pepper and fried the chicken in Crisco.

    Mrs. Jamison’s rolls. No one has ever been able to recreate her rolls, even though she readily shared her recipe and technique. Dollop on some butter and a big spoonful of homemade applebutter. Oh yum—totally sublime!

    I love wilted lettuce, too, but I have never made it.

    I can’t wait until your name the picture contest!

  6. That Natalie Burger has my mouth watering. Sounds yummy! 😀

    I cannot recreate my grandmother’s meatloaf. No one, including my mother, can. We watched her make it; she even told us what’s in it (nothing fancy, very basic). Gram wasn’t much of a cook that I recall, but no one could touch her meatloaf. Must’ve been those magic grandma fingers. 😉

    Now the real reason I stopped in today, CC, was to print off your Burger Buns recipe. We’ll be having them for our picnic on Monday. 😀

  7. Oops. That comment came from Aunt Cindy. I thought I was on my ownC omputer,but I am at your mother’s.
    aunt Cindy

  8. To me that is just a good old-fashioned hamburger…one with the bun grilled till it just begins to get toasted, but still soft. As a matter of fact I made hamburgers Wednesday evening and did just that to our buns. My mom always fixed our hamburger buns this way.

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