May 24

The other night whilst my husband was doing the manly thing, and cooked supper for us, I saw him come out of the house with these.

2 fly swatters??? Why would he need 2?

There was more than one bug???dunno.gif  Was it a big bug??

Don’t worry, my hot dogs were defended with much courage and valor!

As the party animal looks on.

Do you cook out much during the summer?

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12 thoughts on “May 24”

  1. LOL… I grill out year round. Even in Alaska I grilled in the winter…. well until I had a propane leak on my tank that was in my garage…. I stopped grilling in the winter after that.

  2. So how many bugs were killed by your chef/warrior??

    We cook out whenever the mood strikes our fancy be it summer, fall, winter or spring. My preference is steak or salmon but burgers & dogs will do for me.

  3. The Daughter really needs to calm down, she is such a partier! I hope your chef/warrior defended dinner well…don’t need any extra protein particles in your meat.

    We grill out often! This week we have grilled brats, chicken and steak. Right now I am trying to decide if I want to grill tonight. I really want burgers but we don’t have any hamburger in the freezer.

  4. You need a dose of good old Canadian mosquitoes there. Two swatters just wouldn’t keep up.

    Kirs looks like she wishes she was the first to think about the two swatter idea.

  5. I can tell Kirstin was having a wild time at the church dinner…Didn’t she want to go? Your cat is beautiful. is he himalayan, siameze or a combo?
    Good picture of Mom.

  6. Two swatters are always good…just in case the first one malfunctions…..

    We grill all year round…sun,rain,snow,hail,lightening..well lightening is not such a good idea….that’s why the hubby goes out with the umbrella when it is lightening…Not me…lol

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