May 23

Sunday, my dad’s church held a “Fun in the Sun” family party for their church. It was a combo mother/daughter, father/son banquet. So we went. Free food, time spent with my parents, and Grams ….what’s not to love???

Each family set up their own table of what they like to do best on vacation. It was really festive. As you can see, my Grams is really getting into it.

And so is the oldest Chocolatechip.

I refuse to be left out of the fun!!!

See……..can’t you tell she is having a blast???

We sang goofie songs, and ate all sorts of wonderful food.

And the daughter………she just couldn’t contain herself.

She is almost to much for me to handle.

So I decided to divert my attention to more calmer pursuits.

I think she needs a Valium.Β  She is having so much fun, it is scaring my mom.

What am I to do with such a party animal???

I don’t think I am going to take her to the next party. She is just to much for me to handle.

Do you have parties you look forward to every year?

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12 thoughts on “May 23”

  1. I love the pic of your grandmother. How sweet!

    I absolutely LOVE having potlucks at church. We are getting ready to have a big fish-fry next week. They always bring in wonderful singers and we just have the best of times.

    This time, I have been informed that we will be doing some of the entertainment also. Our Bible study group will be doing our own song for the party. I chose “I’ll Fly Away”. πŸ™‚

    I cannot wait!

  2. Great pictures. Looks like a great party. I’m sorry that the girl was too much for you to handle. πŸ˜†

    As for parties…I love our churches New Year’s Eve party, I should post pics of that party.

  3. To be honest, I can’t think of any parties that we have at church that I am not so directly involved in that I get to sit and enjoy. And really, it’s hard for me to enjoy parties when I can’t eat what is there and everyone around me is feeling guilty for eating what I can’t.

    The parties that I enjoyed were the parties at Dot & Lut’s when we played bingo. Those were fun! I also always enjoyed my birthday parties and really any party when I lived at home. Mom always made them so fun.

  4. I absolutely love Grams picture! That is too cute!

    We have some church supper/singings that I absolutely love. We will be having a fish-fry/singing next week. I cannot wait!

  5. Christmas parties at your moms. I am certainly going to invite Kirsten to my next party. She would be the life of it all!lol

  6. πŸ™‚ That looks like a fun party. Your lovely Grams looks like she is enjoying the party. Your sweet daughter must have been starting to feel bad with that ear infection that she got later. I hope she is feeling better.

    The only parties that I look forward to are the ones that my mother has on certain holidays. They are really the only predictable ones for me to anticipate. πŸ™‚

  7. I love the picture of your Grams…:)

    Poor Kirs….any more excitement and she would have been under the table…..

    I am so sorry she isn’t feeling well….you could tell she wasn’t really there….well in body…but her spirit has takin a beating…..

  8. Loved the narration of our daughters exxpressions. Teenagers have a way of being bored about everything and anything that doesnt involve their friends! This was just too funny.

  9. I love our family reunions. We always have such a great time laughing and reminiscing. We are all getting together in VA at mom & dad’s next month for my little sisters graduation & a reunion. This will be the first time all 11 kids will be together since my brothers graduation in 1999.

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