May 21

What comes to mind when I say Strawberry Shortcake?

The 1980’s?

That doll that smelled like strawberries?

What comes to my mind? When I was about 11-12, I remember mom made this gorgeous Strawberry Shortcake for….I think the 4th of July. It wasn’t an individual one, but if you have an older Better Homes and Gardens cookbook, there is a picture of one that is the size of a 9″ layer cake. The one she made, looked exactly like that one. I had never seen one before, and I was truly afraid that I wasn’t going to like it. I mean, come on! It wasn’t chocolate, fudgy, gooey, or have icing on it anywhere. It was fruit, and fruit is 1. fruit is good for you, so therefore it is an enemy of a kid, 2. an enemy of chocolate lovers everywhere~~unless said fruit is covered in chocolate, but I was a kid then, and I didn’t even know about chocolate covered fruit~~ 3. fruit doesn’t belong in the dessert category!

Please believe me that I don’t think like that now, and blame my ignorance on immaturity. That is what I am going to do, anyway.

Anyway, mom had made this luscious looking Strawberry Shortcake for dessert, and I was overcome with how absolutely beautiful it was. I was still skeptical as there was no chocolate frosting, but once I bit into it……I never looked back.

I always look forward to spring/summer for many things but this one thing in particular…

Strawberry Shortcake.

Do you have a favorite summertime dessert?

PS…..Dad…..I know that you love my cats dearly, and can’t wait for another blog about them….I will try to make at least one a week……..just for you!!!

kidding….I’m kidding!!!heehee.gif

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9 thoughts on “May 21”

  1. There are a couple of different cakes that my mother makes that I could call favorites. πŸ™‚ One is a white cake with the layers sliced horizontally and covered with sweetened strawberries. It is frosted with either white mountain frosting or 7-minute frosting. She makes it a day in advance and it is sits in the fridge soaking up strawberry juice.

  2. Well, I never felt the way you did, CC. I loved desserts and if they had fruit no problem at all for me. Strawberry Shortcake is a real favorite of mine though I’ve never actually made it – I think that I will this year though. πŸ™‚

    As for a favorite cake, well I loved my mom’s Coke Cake that she would make for special occaisions. My brother would usually request this one for his birthday but I didn’t – mainly because I knew that mom was doing a lot of baking due to the holidays and really didn’t have the time to do this cake as well (and I knew that she’d make it over the holidays for at least one function so I’d get it anyway plus whatever I asked for my birthday). It is a very rich cake and not to be even thought of when trying to lose weight or on a restricted diet. It’s also expensive due to the Coke and pecans that go into it. πŸ˜€

  3. You know you can always make a chocolate shortcake. πŸ™‚

    I love strawberry anything, or just about anything with berries in general.

  4. I would really like some of that…..what is the recipe used for the cake part.

    I love any kind of cake…pound cake especially. I think my favorite cake though, I like more for the shock value of what’s in it.

    It is homemade chocolate cake made with saurkraut and mayonasa….YUMM!!!!

    I’m ducking…….;-)

  5. That is the same kind of Strawberry Shortcake my mom would make for us. YUMMY! I think that is my favorite dessert! Right now I am on a chocolate kick. We just finished a chocolate sheetcake….yummy.

    Ginger, I’m not sure I want any of that cake! I am going to make your chocolate cake recipe though. It is good. Off to see if we have those ingredients!

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