May 20

My husband says that my cat is spoiled. I don’t think he knows what he is talking about.

She loves me.

When she isn’t getting her way, she gives me the cold shoulder. Sometimes she will even turn her head back to see if I am looking at her giving me the cold shoulder.

So, I give her a bit of my soup.

I didn’t want it anyway.

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7 thoughts on “May 20”

  1. Well, I always tell my husband that he spoils our dog. He picks the dog up, puts him in his lap and rocks him to sleep!! I have never seen anything like it before… to funny!!

  2. Well if she’s not the yarn eating cat then it’s ok to spoil her. I spoil my babies, Buddy & Prissy (she’s not mine but I’m still mama 🙂 )but not rotten mind you.

  3. Our cat Tommy is very spoiled. He thinks just because we feed him, brush him,clean his litter box, and allow him to lay down anywhere he wants to, that we worship him. He thinks he is a god.!

  4. Your kitty’s are not spoiled…..You, my dear, are the only person I have ever met who actually has her cats trained instead of the other way around!!!

    Your cats actually listen to you….I think you must be some kind of secret cat in disguise….that’s why they love you so much….spolied? Nahhhhh…..:)

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