May 16

A man and his car. It’s a beautiful thing…revisited.

Watching my son with his car has tickled me more than I thought it would. I didn’t think I could get any more tickled, but I was wrong. ~~don’t pass out dad~~

Last Sunday we went to mom and dad’s house to visit for Mothers Day. Dad really isn’t the visiting type. He loves his family, but he is more of a doer, not a visitor. So, whilst us ladies chatted, the boy and his grandfather went outside and did……cars. He told me later that he really had fun being out there with his grandpa.

My dad is the coolest. I will never forget him teaching me all about cars. It started when I was very young. Whenever he was outside, and I could be outside, I was with him. Always bothersome, always asking questions. Why? Because I KNEW that he would answer. He never pushed me aside, he always took the time to explain. “Daddy, what’s that?” “It’s a carburetor.” “What does it do?” and he would tell me, or show me. He showed me what all the wrenches and sockets looked like, and I was his gopher when he was busy fixing. When I was 15, we had this UGLY gross looking brown station wagon. I think it was a Vega?? The carburetor was old, or just plain old didn’t want to work, but I will never forget going out to the garage with dad, watching him rebuild that thing…….7 different times I think. I was never so glad when they got rid of that…that…thing….When I was 17 or 18, he went with me to purchase a vehicle. I got a very ugly, very old, very oxidized yellow pick-up truck. I paid all of $711 for it. It ran ok, but dad tore the entire engine apart. It was so old that it had a REAL timing chain, not a belt like cars do now. He soaked all the parts in gasoline, and put it back together again. He said that the motor had been in water, sometime in it’s life. There was a lot of sand in there. Those were the best times with my dad.

It is because of him that I love the smell of a greasy, dirty mechanics garage. It is because of him, I know what a cam shaft is, and how it works. It is because of him, I know about timing chains, transmissions, axles, steering columns, brake shoes, air filters, spark plugs, catalytic converters, and 9/16ths, 5/8ths, and millimeter sockets….It is because of me, that he has gray hair. How was I supposed to know that mechanic’s tools AREN’T supposed to be greasy or put neatly in a tool box?

So, what is more beautiful than a man and his car?

A man fixing his car!

Dad showed him how to grease, what to grease and where. They fixed the turning signal, and tail light. I am sure they checked all fluid levels too. Dad asked him “is there anything else you want me to help with?” the boy answered “Do you have a quick way to fix the cruise control?” He, like myself, is completely confident that my dad can fix ANYTHING! Except the cruise control!biggrin.gif

Did your dad teach you anything special?

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  1. It is neat to see your son working on his car. 🙂 Did my Dad teach me anything? No. He can fix or build anything, but I guess I was never interested in learning those things. 😀

  2. The ugly brown car was a plymouth …..the yellow truck was a toyoto…it hauled a lot of hay for Ralph Gibson… do you remember the blue pinto with flames down the sides??

  3. I learned so much from my dad…. I am learning that my perfectionistic tendancies all come from him….

    I always thought he could do anything….. to which was almost true… if he didn’t know how, he’d figure it out….. I think he still can do anything.

    I need to ponder what I learned from him….

  4. While my dad & I don’t see eye to eye on everything I’ll give him the credit for teaching me to think and to value differing opinions, even if they were ignorant & wrong but came from someone I cared about 😆 . He was my first teacher about cars though I was a reluctant student. I did learn to rebuild the carburetor on my brother’s Pinto (yes my brother bought one of those troublesome Pintos 🙄 w/the $ dad gave him at graduation) about as many times as your dad did. I did not enjoy the lessons but if I wanted to drive I spent the time in the garage learning.
    Since meeting and marrying my hubby I’ve learned even more about auto mechanics. I am very blessed to have married a man who loves to have help in the garage but who prefers to not need me to get dirty – he knows I don’t like the grease and he’d rather his ladies (daughter and me) not have to get into it. 🙂
    My dad has taught me, my hubby and my son a lot about computers. He’s very smart, knows a lot especially when it is time to call in someone who knows it better. 🙂
    As much as I love my dad I’m so glad that it is mom that has to live with him. I’ll take hubby’s faults & worts any day over dads. 😆
    And I completely agree, it is so wonderful seeing a man, even a boy, with his car. My son is praying that his dad will bless him with the Mustang sometime soon to restore and rebuild. He’s got his permit and can’t wait to drive. 🙄 I can wait, he has to wait for times when dad is home. 😆

  5. My dad is an interesting man, but I was with him only 8 years. I have never really though about it, but I suppose I learned persistence from him.

    I like the picture of your son working on his car. My son has to work on his too.

    Your dad sounds very cool, CC. 🙂

  6. I am a true Daddy’s Girl to this very day.

    Growing up, Daddy had an ATV shop at the house. (his 2nd shift job!) By the age of 6, I could outride most men on a 3-wheeler, 4-wheeler, or dirtbike. 🙂 I have the best memories of riding in the fields with my daddy. I remember the looks of sheer terror when I would decide to try a stunt without warning him. LOL! I almost always succeeded!

    Daddy taught me to drive in a ’50 something pickup. It was yellow with fire flames on it. He took me out in the cow pasture. He wore a yellow helmet just to make everyone laugh. LOL! So, I decided to floor-board the old truck just to hear him scream. Boy, did he ever scream! Hehehehehe! That truck would fly! I tore his cow pasture up that year. LOL!

    He also taught me the value of a dollar. To this very day, he will pull over the vehicle if he sees a quarter in the road. LOL! (and he has a very well paying job…no need to stop for a quarter but he will!)

    Daddy also taught me how to be gracious and always lend a helping hand. There were SO many times that people would come to his shop and not have a dime. He would fix their truck, atv, bike, or whatever and say, “Oh, just pay me when you get to it. No hurry.” He didn’t care if it took them 2 years to pay.

    Sorry, I wrote a book. 🙂

  7. My dad taught me how to kill our rabbits we raised for food. I could probably skin it if I had to. He also taught me good work ethics. My dad was a hard worker and instilled in me to do my best in whatever I did. I hope I have lived up to his expectations.

  8. There was a post a while back where I thought how your boy looks so grown up in profile. Now he looks so grown up in his actions too!

    My father taught me a very, very great deal. He was always so big on being pro-active and not reactive. I think that was one of the biggest habits I learned.

    Speaking of Dad! 😆 He just called and is coming to visit me tonight! 😆

  9. Nice post, Tanya.

    My Dad was not a great mechanic, but he taught me a few things and I know my way around a tool box. He was a much better carpenter than mechanic. When he was in between jobs one summer, I worked with him remodeling houses for a realtor.
    I learned how to piddle away hours and never leave the garage.
    He taught me to bowl, play softball & tennis, drive a stick, and shoot a gun and he taught me these things well.
    He taught me loyalty and to love my country.
    He taught me to value learning and education and really pushed me while in highschool and encouraged me thru college.
    He taught me to love a child regardless.

  10. My dad (same cool dad as you have!) has taught me so many things. Some of my memories were not in the garage with cars, but in the workshop, working with wood. I love to do that with him, even though I’m not very good at it. But my best memories with my dad are when we would have morning tea together – we still do when we are together. Over tea he has taught me valuable lessons in life, given me Godly wisdom, let me bare my heart, and given me endless encouragement. I treasure those times. Now my tea times are few and far between, and when we do have them there are usually children close, but it is still special to have tea with my dad.

  11. My dad and I are very close. being the only daughter with 6 brothers I was the “pet”. My dad and I did a lot of stuff together. I learning how to do the plumbing, electrical work and shingle a roof. Comes in very handy. My going away gift when I got married from my dad was a toolbox full of hand tools all spray painted hot pink. Don’t you just love that colour?

  12. Among so many other things, my Daddy taught me about carpentry. Maybe thats why I ended up marrying a building contractor!!

    I miss my dad very much!

    My brother is the one who taught me about cars. He and his friends were constantly in the garage working on somebody’s car, or just tinkering. Maybe it wasn’t the cars I was so interested in as the boys, but…..I learned about cars in the process. LOL

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