May 12

My children are very predictable. As you can see the boy is reading, and the girl is drawing. These are their favorite past-times. I will, almost always, find my kiddos doing these things. The daughter was in the process of drawing my character. I wondered what she would come up with. The top of the page she had written “neat and tidy” and proceeded to draw my dresser, along with all the girly/Victorian things on it. Thank goodness she didn’t put the 2″ of dust that is covering said dresser!

What picture would describe your character?

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5 thoughts on “May 12”

  1. Awww! Those pics are so cute! They both look so comfortable and relaxed.

    My character: Blue Willow dishes along with flowers and something antique…

  2. Great pictures of your kiddos. 🙂

    Both mine like to draw and I think that if they drew pictures of me it would probably be of me and a computer. I’m not sure if that would be a 😕 thing or a 😎 thing.

    PS. I just love how you keep up your blog and get all of us to respond here. 😆

  3. You have such good-looking children, CC. 🙂

    Holly says that I am hard to pin down, like abstract art, but awesome. (That’s my girl.) 😉

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