April 16th

I have lost my tithe check.   I always write it out, and stick it in my Bible.   I went to put it in the plate yesterday morning…….and it was GONE! shock_o_rama.gif  So, when we got home, I looked everywhere, anywhere, and no where.   I looked in my register to make sure that I ACTUALLY wrote the thing, because my brain is running on 1/2 power most of the time, I can’t remember if I did….  All checks were accounted for, except this one….so this morning I spent a good deal of time reconciling my statement!   That was NOT fun.  I did find some mistakes I had made in my registerblush.gif, but I can not find that check.  I am afraid that I might have put it in with some bills, or it has fallen out somewhere.  YIKES!!!scared4.gif

How often do you reconcile your bank statements???

April 15th

Tomorrow is tax day! dead.gif Just thought I’d warn you all!!!

This is how my son spent the last 2 days.  See the stack of note cards on the other chair’s arm?  Those are completed note cards.
He has known for 2 weeks that he had 40 note cards due for last Friday. So, Saturday he didn’t get to go out to breakfast with his youth leader, and today, he had to get them finished before I would allow him to go to youth meeting. He put it off and put it off and put it off…..sounds so much like his mother, it is scary!

He is getting just a bit silly….

Last night we watched Facing the Giants ~~I cried almost all the way through that one, and One Night With A King. It was good, but there was a lot in it that wasn’t true to the Bible……I have problems with movies like that. I know that movie makers take creative license, but still……it is the Bible we are talking about!!! I liked Facing the Giants better. I have been facing quite a few giants in the last 6-8 months or so, so it was very encouraging to me. Have you seen either of these movies??? Which one did you like best??? Which picture of my boy do you like best???

April 14th

Procrastination~~I passed it on to my son.  I had to get it from somewhere…..I think it was from my mechanic father……yes, I am pretty sure that it was him….and now, I have followed in his illustrious footsteps and passed it on to the next generation.

The boy seems to dislike doing research papers………as did I.  However, as his teacher, I will not relent and allow him to not do one.  He is paying for his procrastination, and he is now having to do 40 note cards…due yesterday……..today!

I hate being the bad guy!

April 13th

Some friends of mine and I were discussing rationing today.  I often think of how spoiled we are, and so many times I just wonder how American’s would cope if they had to ration their food and clothing like they did back in WWII.  I got a list of what was rationed….what each person was allowed per week…

** 3 pints of milk
** 3/4 lb – 1 lb meat
** 1 egg or 1 packet of dried eggs every 2 months

** 3-4 oz cheese
**4 oz bacon and ham
** 2 oz tea
**8 oz sugar
**2 oz butter
**2 oz cooking fat
**+ 16 points a month for other rationed foods (usually tinned) subject to availability.

I know when I look at a typical day of cooking/baking, I will use at least 1/2 a dozen eggs,  1/2 a pound of butter, 1 pound of meat, 1/4 pound of cheese, and if I am baking, I will use at least 1 cup of sugar.

I know that there is a lot that I could do without…..but could you???  Could you make do with the amount of food on this list?

April 12th

Hard working man.
My man works 2 jobs. He works them so that I can stay home and take care of the house, the kids and their education. When he does have the opportunity to be at home, this is what he looks like. I love this man.

You see that old treadle sewing machine on the side of this picture? This was my great great grandmother’s. It still works. I made a quilt for my mother on it. By the time I was finished my right leg looked like Arnold Schwarzenegger’s. I love the fact that I was able to create something on a machine that my grandmother used, and her mother used, and her mother used. I have real pride in my heritage, and I love knowing that I will be passing these on to my children. My kids also sleep in the beds that came from my great grandfather’s house. They still have the old metal springs.

My grandmother used to make my grandfather boxer shorts out of her old dresses on that machine. I always remember her wearing a dress and brown shoes. When ever she went out to work in the garden, she would get a pair of grandpa’s old work pants, stuff her dress down the legs of it, and out to work she went. I never once saw her in a pair of pants that were hers. She always made the best roast. She cooked in in a pressure cooker. I wish I had spent more time with them, soaking up their wisdom. She has been gone for almost 15 years.

Do you have any family heirlooms?  What do you remember most about your grandma?

April 11th

Today is our wedding anniversary.

img0211.jpg That was then…

Family and this is now.

When anniversary comes to mind, what do you think of?  candle light dinner, movie, soft music, maybe some nice jewelry???  That is what comes to my mind.  Yesterday, when the husband said to me “lets go get your anniversary gift, I was thinking…….hoping against all hope I would be getting something like a 1 carat diamond ring.  That was not to be, however……..I did get this….

im000001_edited-1.jpg  Isn’t it nice?

April 10th

I have decided that specialists……even though they have a degree…..sometimes are full of it!  The daughter’s tests came back normal.  He has diagnosed her with IBS.  I have IBS.  My mother, grandmother, cousin,  and sister all have IBS.  None of us have any symptoms near what the daughter has.  I was glad to see that the biopsy came back negative for celiacs.   Tomorrow we begin a elimination diet for her.  This will be…….interesting.

My son loves Jerry Lewis movies.  LOVES them!  He will sit and watch them, laughing so hard, tears stream down his cheeks.  I get more enjoyment watching him than watching the movie.  I don’t necessarily like them.  I enjoy a more refined type of humor, not the fumbling, bumbling, slap stick stuff.  I get the Jerry Lewis movies out from the library for him……and then I sit back and watch him.

What kind of movies do you like to watch?