April 23rd

Late this afternoon, I was sitting out on my front porch….watching.  I like to people watch.  The family that lives directly across the street from us were all out in their back yard.  The smallest girl is about 12-18 months old, and she was running and fell……did this several times.  Finally the dad yelled to her “slow down”.  A few minutes later her sister sees her begin to run, and she yells at her “slow down”.   About 20 minutes pass, and the people that live beside them came home.  The dad walks up the stairs 2 at a time, and I watch his boy~~about 7ish~~copy his every move.  Touching what dad touches, and struggling valiantly to go up the stairs 2 at a time.

That got me to thinking……what do my children see?  Am I worth emulating?  Do I want my kids to act like I do?   We as parents all strive to be worthy of being emulated, but do we succeed?  I hope I am.  I pray I am.

On a different track…….I am sooooooo excited!!!  We have only 3 weeks left of school!  clap.gif  I think the boy will have 4 more weeks of math, but you never know……I might call it quits sooner…..a pox on algebra.   A horrid, retched pox!!!dead.gif  The daughter finished her math today, and the boy finished grammar.  Only 2 more subjects each.  I will be glad when this year is over with.  omg2.gif  Wait……wait…..wait!!!  I just realized that the boy will be a senior next year……I take it all back.   School till forever!

What was the one thing that you remember most about your senior year?

April 22nd

Another lovely day today. It was a wonderful 84* out. Not humid or scorchingly hot…the breezes were cool, but the sun was deliciously warm. So please……can anyone tell me what is wrong with this picture???  The girl has 2 shirts on!!!

I am also excited to report that the last cold snap/snow fall did not kill my tulips, just stunted them a bit. Here they are in all their gorgeous glory!~

Not bad for a $2.49 box of tulip bulbs at Aldi.

The daughter and I sat last night and did our toenails together.  This is something that we do just about every Saturday evening during the spring and summer.  It has become a lovely tradition…..bonding over toes.   What are some things that you bond with your kiddos over?

April 21st

Today was such a gorgeous day. The sun was shining, the breeze was blowing, and the husband was working…..A friend of mine said in her blog, and I TOTALLY agree…that she loves work, as long as she is watching someone else do it! laugh.gif

Last summer, due to an unfortunate event, my son and I had to move our pools. Pools you ask? yes, I use swimming pools as a container garden. I do this for 2 reasons.

1….this is the biggie….our dirt is just awful. I think that our back yard was a dump at one point. While digging a 1 foot diameter hole this past week, my husband dug out a whole brick, 2 half bricks and a rock the size of his forearm. We have bad dirt!

The second reason is because I don’t want to have to till up soil. Lazy…..yes, I know, but there it is!

After the moving of the pools, grubs moved in. Today we fixed them. We, I use this term loosely, moved all the dirt out of the pools, put some window screen down, and put the dirt back.

Lest you think I am a total lazy bum…..I offer proof that I do indeed soil~~well, not really soil, I had on gloves~~my hands.

oops……you can’t see my beautiful gloves….here you go….

After we finished getting the dirt out of this pool, we moved it down to be with it’s friends.

Honey, aren’t you going to help me with this one?

I don’t think so….besides…..it is time for lunch! now back to work!!!

Slave driver!

The boy arrived home from work early, just in time to help with the pink pool. The pink pool is mine…cause I like pink!

They have decided to go for a swim! rolleyes.gif

In goes the screen.

What is the daughter doing whilst I am busy cooking and the men are busy sweating???

Yes, 2 fly swatters……can’t be to careful. I joined her later.smile.gif

How did you spend your Saturday?

April 20th

Yesterday and today we did a salad lab for home ec. The kiddos weren’t to excited about salad, but I didn’t really care! smile.gif

They had to get out all the ingredients…

The boy did all the chopping…~~please note that he is using HIS knife~~

The daughter mixed up all the other things….

And I……….well, I got to taste it all.

Clockwise from the top right.  Aunt Cindy’s potato salad, Macaroni and Cheese Pasta salad, and Waldorf salad.  It was all good, but the Waldorf has always been a favorite of mine.  Please note that there is no green in the Waldorf…….that is because I abhor celery….blech…patooie….cough….grossedout.gif

Do you have a favorite salad?

April 19th

Beasties….almost all of us have special ones in our lives.  Me?  I have 2 cats.

The first cat I ever owned is Grace. I got Grace about 6 years ago. She is my Paris Hilton. She is a princess, a priss, and she is dumb!!! But, I love her. She is a great lap cat, and she is fairly well behaved. I like that in an animal!

Then there is my Sugar. She is my Donna Young. She is intelligent, loving, and smart. She is also a mother hen. She grooms Grace and makes sure that Graces mess is covered in the litter box….She is also totally out for herself!

I have had to feed them twice a day, and in separate places because when I would just leave the food out all day, Sugar would eat ALL the food, and Grace would get none. Grace eats on the sink, and Sugar eats on the floor. I also have to give Grace a head start in eating. Why? you ask, well, because Sugar is totally out for herself, she scarfs her food down so fast, so she can get Graces…and Grace, being the Paris Hilton that she is….lets her! Because Sugar is so smart, I have been able to train her. That isn’t much heard of in a cat, but I have.

When Grace is almost finished eating, I will put Sugar’s food dish down and leave my hand hovering over top of the dish. When Sugar does this….

sits down completely and looks up at me, I then remove my hand, say good girl, and she then…
is allowed to eat.

Do you have a beastie? Who do they remind you of?

April 18th

I have always wanted a well manicured lawn.  I have always envied those that have them, and now……now I live next door to a man that has one.  See the arrow in the picture.  See that lovely lush green grass?  See that there are no dandelions in his  yard?  Isn’t it beautiful???  My neighbor spends an inordinate amount of time on his lawn.  Today is Wednesday, and he has already mowed his lawn 2 times this week!   My neighbor also has to be the first one to mow his lawn every year. If he isn’t the first, we hear about it all year long.   Yesterday, the husband was out mowing, and I KNEW that neighbor man would go get his lawn mower out.  He can not be outdone.  Not when it comes to his lawn.  He pays someone to fertilize his lawn 4 times a  year, so I have questioned the lawn care guy….and I am working on making my lawn just as lush and green…I just have to convince the husband to do it!  biggrin.gif

Is your lawn lush and green, or is it lucky to just get mowed?

April 17th

What a lovely day today was. The sun finally decided to shine, and I was able to put laundry on the line.

As I was hanging up the forty thousandth wash cloth th_hanginglaundry.gif, I began thinking about my Grams. She, and my mother, tell of hanging laundry all year long. Grams had 4 kiddos to wash for. That is a whole stinkin’ lot of laundry to wash, hang, fold and put away.

I remember going over to Grams house when I was little. I am told that I was spoiled rotten by her and my grandpa. ~~ I can’t remember it….and spoiling is something that one MUST remember!!~~ I am told that they would give me a piece of toast and jelly. I would lick the jelly off, and they would spread more on, over and over till the bread was mush. I also remember being allowed to take a sip or 2 of grandpa’s coffee. That was ALWAYS a big deal…. I remember being petrified of her bathroom. She had an enema bag hanging on the back of the door. I didn’t know what it was for, and it was SCARY!!! They had this wonderful weeping willow tree out in the front yard that I would play under. I loved that tree…made a wonderful house! She would take a nap with me and rock the bed so I would go to sleep, and I did the same for my kiddos. Even now, I find myself rocking the bed with my foot. Grams always made THE best pancakes. They were thick and she fried them in something (butter???) that made the edges all crispy. She didn’t use regular maple syrup on her pancakes……only Karo syrup. She had big jugs of the stuff and I remember getting them out of the bottom cupboard in her kitchen. I love my grandma. She is THE best!

How do you eat your pancakes? thick? thin? swimming in syrup? slathered in butter?