April 30th

Saturday is my husband’s birthday.  He will be 39.    The daughter wants to decorate a cake for him for his birthday.  She has never decorated before, so I suggested to her that we make cupcakes, and she practice on them.  That way, each cupcake could be a different technique/tip, and she wouldn’t be so overwhelmed with a huge cake to decorate.  So that is what we did.

The ingredients were assembled, and I showed her an easy way to hold up the bag as you are filling it.

We only decorated with white icing, so that if mistakes were made, they would be easy to swipe off, and colors wouldn’t bleed on the base.

First we iced the cupcakes.  The icing wasn’t home made decorators icing.  The husband has a second job at Walmart, and from time to time he brings home a few 3 gallon icing buckets that they use in the bakery.  Did you know that they leave a good 3-4 cups of icing in those buckets?   Did you know that I am frugalness personified??  I get my bowl scraper, and clean those out.   So the icing we used was Walmart butter cream icing.   So it was a bit soft, and not easy to make smooth.

We need to decorate them first, silly girl!

I then laid down a piece of waxed paper for her to practice on.  She realized quickly that it isn’t as easy as it looks.

Now for the real thing.

Stars are easy!

By this time, she was getting tired.  So I ended up decorating them………all!thinking.gif

You really can’t tell what they look like since they are all in white, but there are rosebuds and a stem and a leaf.   Guess who is decorating the husband’s birthday cake???

Do you decorate cakes for birthdays? do you get one at the store, or do you make a pie instead?

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  1. Iam sure that how ever the daughter decorated the cake, it would be the most special cake that her dad ever had.
    not only special for him but also for her.


  2. If I can spread icing on a cake I am doing good. I either buy one from Schulers Bakery or Kroger. One time I did make a Bugs Bunny cake for my oldest son when he was five. I did okay. One year he didn’t want a cake,but was into rice krispie treats, sooooo I made a three layer rice krispie cake. It was cool!!!

  3. Well, I’m sorry to hear that ‘the daughter’ wore out before the decorating. That might explain why my cakes are never decorated…frosted, sprinkled, or glazed, but not decorated.

    I previously took the boys to the bakery and let them pick out their cake on their birthday. Now, I let them pick out which flavor/color and make it at home. Since we don’t do birthday parties, this suits us quite well.

    😉 I see she still has her hair up nicely.

  4. I don’t decorate cakes, anymore. I took classes years ago. I even made a 3 tier heart shaped cake for my parents 40th anniversary. They never had a real wedding cake/reception, so I made a wedding cake & a grooms cake for their party.

    Also, made my brothers wedding cake 2 weeks after my parents party.

    That’s when I quit doing fancy cakes. I was sick of cake/icing!!!!

    I’ve got pictures, somewhere. I’ll have to find them.

  5. **I am sure that how ever the daughter decorated the cake, it would be the most special cake that her dad ever had.
    not only special for him but also for her.


    Yes, it sure would. I am going to let her do as much as she is able before she gets to worn out, then I will take over.

  6. I used to decorate cakes, then about 4 years ago my daughter wanted to decorate her cake with her friends at her party. So we did. It turned into a family tradition. They always decorate their own cakes. I give them frosting, sprinkles, candies, etc and let them go at it….. They are sweet, sweet, sweet. but I love it…. make the cake and I am done!

  7. I bake and decorate cakes and I even have some of the character shaped cake pans which I love to decorate 🙂 . For my hubbys birthday he chooses between a gigantic chocolate chip cookie that I decorate or a cake. Jessica always wants a chocolate cake.

  8. The daughter looks lovely in her apron and preparing to take a bite out of her work. 😆

    I notice one small baby cupcake there….it’s sooooo cute.

    BTW – you two, you & dh, are just mere babes. You need to wait till you are in your 40’s then you’ll be grown ups for real…..:lol: so enjoy your youth.

    I don’t decorate cakes. I’ll bake them, usually from a box mix that the recipiant has chosen, frost them and put those candy decorations and candles on them and that is it. Of course when we do a get together w/friends and such then I just buy a big cake from Costco – $18 for a cake that will serve 48 people and no stress on me at all. 🙂 If it’s just a family thing then I’ll bake the cake and DH may do the fancy decorating as he likes trying his hand at that.

  9. DH likes pumpkin pie for his birthday. DD is only 17 months old and hasn’t made any requests yet! Everybody else just likes regular cakes… I’ll have to think about getting fancy once in a while!

    (ps… I’m piney_mama from PH, but I don’t post there much [yet]. I just wanted to say that I enjoy your blog very much and thank you for sharing with everyone!)

  10. Your cupcakes look lovely. I do not decorate our cakes. I usually buy them from the store. I would like to take a class at Michael’s one day. Maybe this summer. 🙂

  11. I decorate cakes…..and make them…..and I everyone tells me that I do a “WONDERFUL” job…..but “everyone” is usually my family and they have to say that! 😀

  12. Yes, I used to always make decorated cakes. For my husband’s 24th or 25th birthday, I mixed skin colors into the icing and did his portrait. lol I haven’t decorated a cake in years.

    Your girl is so pretty and her hair-do looks nice too. 🙂 Have fun decorating!! I always thought it was fun. 🙂

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