April 27th

Here is a picture of the back of the daughter’s hair. I cut it last night, and found a new way to braid it, so she doesn’t look like a 9 year old. Then I put it in a bun, and held it in place with a set of my wooden knitting needles. It looks so cute!

I spent a good amount of time on the phone today. Mostly with my sister. I rarely get to chat with her anymore. She is always so busy, but she took some time today just to chat with me. talking.gif It was so good to talk to her. Growing up, I was an awful sister. I was such a bully. I know…….I know, you wouldn’t dare think of me that way now, but back then……yes, it is true!!!yes.gif We were always there for each other too.

There was a “no pets in the parsonage” rule, growing up. When I went away to college, the sister begged to have a fish. So, mom and dad got her a gold fish. Told her that she had to make sure she took care of it. She did for awhile, but after some time, she either forgot to clean the bowl, or she just didn’t have time. When I came home either for Thanksgiving break or Christmas break, she pulled me into her room. “Tanya” she said, “I have to kill this fish. I don’t want mom and dad to know I haven’t been taking care of it.” Well, she had a bottle of Formula 44D on her dresser, so I said “that will kill it, dump it in.” {sorry mom, sorry dad, she made me} So she did. It didn’t die. I think we put in some crushed up aspirin, and then what I just “KNEW” would kill that silly fish…an entire bottle of Seabreeze. Nope. That fish was determined to live. However, we were determined to kill it! Finally, I told her “kiddo, we are just going to have to flush it” So, I scooped it out. That was rather difficult since the water was black. And into the toilet it went. Poor thing only had one working fin….just swimming around and around in circles in the toilet bowl, and we put it out of its misery. So, tea.gif heres to the kiddo and myself. Cohorts in crime…fish murders. Long may we forget the bad and cherish the good! What am I saying, I can’t remember yesterday~

Did you have a pet growing up?

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  1. Oh my,did we have pets!!!!!! You remember some of them. Dogs and cats. There was Mike, Ginger, Lady, Betsy,Ding,Yancy,Tabitha Fred,Jingles,Ralph Ann,and Oh yes, we had rabbits.And Aunt Sandy had a turtle. There was never a dull moment. I believe at one time we had goldfish too.

  2. I had a couple of fish growing up until mom got tired of replacing them.

    Then I got a dog which I had until she was about 14. My mom had to put her to sleep as they were moving, again, and there was no way the dog, my Lucky, would survive the trip or the weather in Maryland.

    I don’t know how I would have gotten through high school with out my Lucky.

  3. I wasn’t/isn’t allowed to have a pet that I could play with…..I did have 2 fish….Fed and Milma……but they died.

    I also had 3 hamsters….one was scared to death by the landlord’s dog…..the other was shot by my Mom……and the third decided that the mouse life was better than a dog or a 9mm handgun at the end of it’s life.

  4. We had several pets growing up. The one that was most memorable was my dog, Zack. We only had Zack for a year. We were preparing to move back to Germany after being told we were never moving again. Dad gave my dog away while we were at school. I was devastated! I was so angry at my dad for a very long time. I understand now why he did the give away while we were gone, but it hurt so much. There was no way we were able to take the dog overseas with us. Mom and dad had 8 kids, that was difficult enough to find a place to live…a dog was out of the question!

  5. Ah, yes, the poor fish… But alas, it’s in a better place now πŸ™‚ Maybe that’s why I don’t want any fish in the house. My kids have 3 fish, snails, and just today they picked up a terripin off the road, however they all go to Grandma’s house to live. One pet here at the house is enough. It’s a cat, and she’s lucky I like her…

  6. I’m back on my desk top so now I can see your pictures again. I’m not sure why I couldn’t see them on the laptop and I’m hoping that I changed the settings right now so that I can see everyone’s pics. I hate thinking that I’ve missed out on something.

    Anyway I love the bun you did. Can you explain how you did this?

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