April 26th

Water….the lifeblood of man……..but when you are drinking gallons of it a day, you begin to loathe the sound of it. I am fighting a UTI, and  I think if I have to drink another drop of that stuff, I will lash a spear to a tree and impale myself.

I know that you are all sitting there, waiting with baited breath just to know how much I have progressed on my knitting, so I won’t fail you. I can not fail you, loyal readers…….here is my progress!!!

I put them together so that you could see just how cheery the daughter’s sock is.  I am getting ready to work on the heel flap~~that is the back part of the heel for those of you that don’t knit~~

I cut the daughter’s hair this evening.  I cut about 6 inches off the back.  She wanted all her layers off, so I obliged her.  It looks much healthier now.  I love doing little things like that to please my kiddos.

What do you like to do to please others?

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4 thoughts on “April 26th”

  1. Cook! I like to fix favorite dishes for my people.Like Potato salad, spaghetti, peanut butter fudge,PUMPKIN LOGS,melting moments, etcetera.

  2. I’d have to say cook and bake. A couple days ago hubby wanted oatmeal raisin cookies and Jessica wanted chocolate chip brownies so I baked both :). Last week hubby wanted banana bread and Jessica wanted pumpkin pie so, yep, I baked both. I like cooking so I don’t mind making more than one thing at a time, especially desserts! 😀

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