April 24th


Bet’cha all thought that I had given up on it, didn’t you??? I haven’t. I did set aside for awhile because this gray is just so depressing. The weather is getting better, so I thought that I would work on it again. I thought…hey! it is gorgeous outside, maybe the gray won’t look so depressing in the sunshine…….WRONG!….all I got for my efforts was a sunburn on my arms!

There are 2 things I love about this pattern, one is the fact that it decreases for the ankle part, and the second is that it continues the pattern on the back of the heel. It is soooooo cool!!! I need to finish this….only I don’t think I am going to do it’s mate right now. I MUST…MUST…MUST knit something in pink or I will go insane. I need a happy color……and pink is my happy color!!!

What is your happy color?

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10 thoughts on “April 24th”

  1. Peach and apricot are my favourite. I look great in them.
    I like your sock! The colour isn’t too blaw, sort of denium blue. Beautiful pattern.
    Ya! Aren’t those UV rays something. I tan easily and am dark already just from working around the farm. Use sunblock girls!!

  2. Glad you told us that it was gray because I thought the sock was blue. I like it by the way, nice pattern.

    As for my happy color:
    I love all shades of blue but that’s because I associate warmth and comfort from the color. I love shades of purple and varigated yarns – love the patterns they produce.

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