April 23rd

Late this afternoon, I was sitting out on my front porch….watching.  I like to people watch.  The family that lives directly across the street from us were all out in their back yard.  The smallest girl is about 12-18 months old, and she was running and fell……did this several times.  Finally the dad yelled to her “slow down”.  A few minutes later her sister sees her begin to run, and she yells at her “slow down”.   About 20 minutes pass, and the people that live beside them came home.  The dad walks up the stairs 2 at a time, and I watch his boy~~about 7ish~~copy his every move.  Touching what dad touches, and struggling valiantly to go up the stairs 2 at a time.

That got me to thinking……what do my children see?  Am I worth emulating?  Do I want my kids to act like I do?   We as parents all strive to be worthy of being emulated, but do we succeed?  I hope I am.  I pray I am.

On a different track…….I am sooooooo excited!!!  We have only 3 weeks left of school!  clap.gif  I think the boy will have 4 more weeks of math, but you never know……I might call it quits sooner…..a pox on algebra.   A horrid, retched pox!!!dead.gif  The daughter finished her math today, and the boy finished grammar.  Only 2 more subjects each.  I will be glad when this year is over with.  omg2.gif  Wait……wait…..wait!!!  I just realized that the boy will be a senior next year……I take it all back.   School till forever!

What was the one thing that you remember most about your senior year?

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  1. I tried to forget all my high school years. I hated them all. One funny thing I remember was a friend of mine was wearing a pair of “petti pants”(ever hear of them? They were like a modern take on pantaloons . You could wear them instead of a slip. Remember,this was 42 years ago.)The elastic broke and they slipped down in the hallway. Boy was her face red!!!!!!!!

  2. High school wasn’t too bad. What I remember very vididly, before graduation, was the last day of school before Christmas break. I had physics 2nd period and we had something due and I wasn’t ready – physics was really over my head – so rather than go to class I skipped and hung out in the library. I went to the study area above the book stacks and actually worked on stuff from another class. I was totally freaked out thinking that the security guards that walk through the library checking for skippers would find me and I’d be in trouble. I think I was seen but as I wasn’t a problem student they overlooked what I was doing. That was a scary 55 minutes.

  3. I only went to school for 4 hours in my senior year and worked from 1-6 at a doctor’s office. I really didn’t like school, just tolerated it until it was over. Now, I loved college, and wish I could go back and finish. Maybe someday, when the kids are older…

  4. That is wonderful to be that close to finishing!!! 🙂 I’m sorry that the boy is having his last year next school term. *cries* My baby is having her last year too.

    Senior year was full of things, but I remember that one day, all of the senior class went into the cafeteria to take an aptitude test. I remember some of the things on the test, shapes and boxes and such. I really enjoyed taking the test. Then days and days later, we were taken into the gymnasium and there we got our tests results. Mine had full bars on all of them except for one place and that line was close to 3/4. I looked at it, listened to them explain what all the numbers and bars meant, wondered about it for a few minutes, then put it away. I still have my test results in the safe. I remember a lot of things, but that is the most vivid.

  5. My best memory was going to a camp for final year students and discovering that I had a lot in common with a boy who was in the brainy/intellectual kids’ group in school. We started dating, and I suddenly went from being a nobody to being part of this very interesting group of friends! We had some great times together. I had been a struggling math student, but studying for finals with my new friends helped me ace the maths test! I still miss those days and often wonder what had happened to everyone in the group. I know one of them became a medical doctor, one was heading for a career in journalism, and one of them was a missionary in Mozambique, last time I heard.

  6. I have a lot of good memories of my final year of highschool. I went to boarding school and loved every minute of it. I’d be pretty hard pressed to pin point a favourite memory, but we were a pretty wild bunch, I think that may be where catholic school girls get their reputation from! (In my year, during our final exams- we call it the HSC, pretty important exams as they determine whether or not you get into University, we went on a little drinking spree. Getting drunk in a religious sanctuary is not good for futer job references. Their were 32 of us senior boarders. OF the 32, 7 were expelled, 15 suspended, 5 privelledges revoked and no references given, 3 refused references and 2 who were the ones who turned every one in.) Needless to say, my children WON’T be going to boarding school.

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