April 22nd

Another lovely day today. It was a wonderful 84* out. Not humid or scorchingly hot…the breezes were cool, but the sun was deliciously warm. So please……can anyone tell me what is wrong with this picture???  The girl has 2 shirts on!!!

I am also excited to report that the last cold snap/snow fall did not kill my tulips, just stunted them a bit. Here they are in all their gorgeous glory!~

Not bad for a $2.49 box of tulip bulbs at Aldi.

The daughter and I sat last night and did our toenails together.  This is something that we do just about every Saturday evening during the spring and summer.  It has become a lovely tradition…..bonding over toes.   What are some things that you bond with your kiddos over?

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4 thoughts on “April 22nd”

  1. The girl does seem to be dressed rather warmly, like she was in Alaska or somewhere. How’s she doing anyway?

    My kids and I bond while cooking, they also do this with dad. My daughter and I like to learn to do crafts together and the son and I like to discuss stuff. Some times deeply.

  2. When DH goes out on his evening hockey games the girls and I make popcorn and watch a real “girlie movie” together. Last week it was “The Importance of Being Earnest”

  3. My boys and I did our bonding by making homemade bread.They both liked to make bread. They enjoyed the kneading part the best. They didn’t like it when my dad got us a breadmaker. We hardly ever use it. The boys weren’t too fond of toenail painting!

  4. When I you daughter’s size (yes in my adult years!), I was freezing all the time. There wasn’t enough meat on the bones to keep them warn. LOL

    I’ll have to think about the other parts. 😀

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