April 21st

Today was such a gorgeous day. The sun was shining, the breeze was blowing, and the husband was working…..A friend of mine said in her blog, and I TOTALLY agree…that she loves work, as long as she is watching someone else do it! laugh.gif

Last summer, due to an unfortunate event, my son and I had to move our pools. Pools you ask? yes, I use swimming pools as a container garden. I do this for 2 reasons.

1….this is the biggie….our dirt is just awful. I think that our back yard was a dump at one point. While digging a 1 foot diameter hole this past week, my husband dug out a whole brick, 2 half bricks and a rock the size of his forearm. We have bad dirt!

The second reason is because I don’t want to have to till up soil. Lazy…..yes, I know, but there it is!

After the moving of the pools, grubs moved in. Today we fixed them. We, I use this term loosely, moved all the dirt out of the pools, put some window screen down, and put the dirt back.

Lest you think I am a total lazy bum…..I offer proof that I do indeed soil~~well, not really soil, I had on gloves~~my hands.

oops……you can’t see my beautiful gloves….here you go….

After we finished getting the dirt out of this pool, we moved it down to be with it’s friends.

Honey, aren’t you going to help me with this one?

I don’t think so….besides…..it is time for lunch! now back to work!!!

Slave driver!

The boy arrived home from work early, just in time to help with the pink pool. The pink pool is mine…cause I like pink!

They have decided to go for a swim! rolleyes.gif

In goes the screen.

What is the daughter doing whilst I am busy cooking and the men are busy sweating???

Yes, 2 fly swatters……can’t be to careful. I joined her later.smile.gif

How did you spend your Saturday?

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6 thoughts on “April 21st”

  1. I spent my Saturday giving my daughter some well needed discipline, doing laundry, cleaning the church, and crying all evening for doing something really stupid and hurting someone I really care about. Bad day… don’t even want a do-over!

  2. That was a productive day you had there in Ohio. You are a very hard worker. It also looks like you’ve got some good workers there. The fly swatter is by far the most important worker you have. 😎

    As for how I spent my Saturday…I spent most of the day using this here lap top.:lol: I did do some cleaning and we ran some errand, WM, and went out for dinner at Pizza Hut. I really should get off of here and go over my lesson for SS tomorrow.

  3. Hi! That is a great way to spend a spring day. 🙂 We had the same idea. I reclaimed my 20′ x 50′ garden today by tilling it over and over. Then I covered 1/3 of it with pine needles and dry leaves and set fire to it. One-half of my garden has been untouched for years and so it needs a lot of work (hence the fire)! 🙂 I was momentarily distracted by a bright green caterpillar which I uncovered while raking pine needles from the woods. It’s in my house now for observation. I’m hopeless. I wore long sleeves, long pants, boots, gloves, and a wide brimmed hat. 🙂

    Much later I watched Monster House, then Patch Adams. 🙂 I’ve taken two tylenol because the tiller and I wrestled quite a bit (It mostly won) and now it is time for zzzzz’s. 🙂

  4. I just want everyone here to know that Dad and I only went “swimming” because we were asked to pose that way for the camera……we both love chocolatchic so much that we acted like fools for her.

  5. I spent the day at class, reviewing a Child Abuse thingy. We have to do this every three years for our daycare. I have two other classes in May and one in June.All on Saturdays!!!!!!!!!!

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