April 19th

Beasties….almost all of us have special ones in our lives.  Me?  I have 2 cats.

The first cat I ever owned is Grace. I got Grace about 6 years ago. She is my Paris Hilton. She is a princess, a priss, and she is dumb!!! But, I love her. She is a great lap cat, and she is fairly well behaved. I like that in an animal!

Then there is my Sugar. She is my Donna Young. She is intelligent, loving, and smart. She is also a mother hen. She grooms Grace and makes sure that Graces mess is covered in the litter box….She is also totally out for herself!

I have had to feed them twice a day, and in separate places because when I would just leave the food out all day, Sugar would eat ALL the food, and Grace would get none. Grace eats on the sink, and Sugar eats on the floor. I also have to give Grace a head start in eating. Why? you ask, well, because Sugar is totally out for herself, she scarfs her food down so fast, so she can get Graces…and Grace, being the Paris Hilton that she is….lets her! Because Sugar is so smart, I have been able to train her. That isn’t much heard of in a cat, but I have.

When Grace is almost finished eating, I will put Sugar’s food dish down and leave my hand hovering over top of the dish. When Sugar does this….

sits down completely and looks up at me, I then remove my hand, say good girl, and she then…
is allowed to eat.

Do you have a beastie? Who do they remind you of?

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  1. As a non-cat person I must say that you have beautiful kitties. 🙂 I find it very interesting as to their differing personalities and who they remind you of. 😆

    I’ve personally had 2 dogs that were mine. Their breeding was similar but their personalities were different though I never thought of anyone in particular as you have done.

    With my husband I’ve helped him w/his first beagle and 2 cats. The beagle was very easy going, no food was bad (well except raw onions) and only food was worth fighting over. He knew his place – in the center of everyone’s heart. 🙂 The cats were names Hoser and Abandon and the names described their lives when he got them.

    Our current beagle is highly intelligent – he can tell the difference from a child playing with him vs a grown up. He’s easy going, very trainable and very capable of training people. 😆 To be honest he is very much like my husband, easy going, likable knowing when fighting is called for vs when to back off. Highly intelligent but loves it when people think he’s a bit off center. 😆

  2. I am also not a cat person…but your kitties are beautiful! It isn’t that I don’t like cats, I just prefer to like them at other people’s homes.

    We have 2 dogs…Miniature Schnauzers. They have very different personalities, but they don’t remind me of anyone. Dd’s dog is fun & playfull, but not very smart. Dh’s dog is very smart & bossy!

  3. I have quite a few. But of the non-farm type I have Clint Black, a black cat. We found him on a “Rainy Day” up in the drive shed frozen,scarred and hungry. he has never left. Clint is afraid of his own shadow. Not kidding. When he sees it following him he runs the other was. Then there is Meow. She is about 9 now and is the queen of the cat dish. But she eats then steps aside and allowes the other ” rodents” ( what I call the cats)eat. She has never been fixed and never had kittens ( blessing on a farm)I call her the “Queen of the beasts”. Then we have Mouse. A cat. She is in love with herself. She rubs up against the kitchen window just to touch herslef. I think she often looks in the pane while she cleans herself just to say how pretty she is. She isn’t of course. Actually one of the ugliest cat on the farm.We have about 30 cats around here. Can’t stop them from breeding as stays keep showing up. But these three are our beasts.
    Now dogs: One working dog- sheep dog and three pets.
    Dakota is a chocolate lab. She is eager to please but left on her own does pretty much what she wants. Hates to be scolled. Belle is the most hiper active dog I have ever met, and George is my boy. He is 9 going on age three in boy years. He is so good but then gets these tendencies to by like a little boy and off he goes doing what he wnats and don’t try and stop him. But he is still and always be my baby.

  4. I have Daisy Mae Pug.

    She is very attached to me. She gets mad everytime hubby even sits near me. (and she absolutely forbids him to kiss me.) LOL!

    She is not your normal pug. My vet says that most pugs are sweet and kind. NOT MINE! She doesn’t like strangers, hates the vet, doesn’t like men, etc.. She tries to bite the vet every single time. She’s very picky as to who can pet her or who can come near me.

  5. We have Tommy.He is Jarrods cat.Or I should say Jarrod is Tommy’s boy. Tommy is somewhat brain damaged. He is on drugs for mood control. If he didn’t get them he would chase his tail and bite it till it bleeds. He is very possessive of Jarrod.He thinks he has to be with him 24-7.

  6. We have no kitties. We do have one dog who we love dearly. He doesn’t really remind me of anyone; he is definately one of a kind 🙂 I have nicknames for him though…I call him Mister Lippy because he sticks his bottom lip out and pouts if you are not giving him attention. I sometimes call him Hambone because he is so big.

    He is spoiled and its my fault. He won’t eat his dog food unless you sprinkle parmesan cheese on it…lol. He was supposed to be my hubbys dog but he loves me more. He will get in between me and hubs when we are hugging and push hubby out of the way and bark or somtimes he will make a grumbling noise that sounds like he is saying “My Mama”…lol. He is very protective of me and Jessica and we all love him. 🙂

  7. Meow!

    You cats are lovely little cutie-pies. I have one cat, he reminds me of me. He acts like me and we look alike too. 🙂 We both like looking a birds and running through the house. 🙂 I don’t run into the window while looking at birds, so I must be a tad smarter than he is. :mrgreen:

    Except for a couple of years here and there, I’ve had cats all my life. 🙂

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