April 18th

I have always wanted a well manicured lawn.  I have always envied those that have them, and now……now I live next door to a man that has one.  See the arrow in the picture.  See that lovely lush green grass?  See that there are no dandelions in his  yard?  Isn’t it beautiful???  My neighbor spends an inordinate amount of time on his lawn.  Today is Wednesday, and he has already mowed his lawn 2 times this week!   My neighbor also has to be the first one to mow his lawn every year. If he isn’t the first, we hear about it all year long.   Yesterday, the husband was out mowing, and I KNEW that neighbor man would go get his lawn mower out.  He can not be outdone.  Not when it comes to his lawn.  He pays someone to fertilize his lawn 4 times a  year, so I have questioned the lawn care guy….and I am working on making my lawn just as lush and green…I just have to convince the husband to do it!  biggrin.gif

Is your lawn lush and green, or is it lucky to just get mowed?


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7 thoughts on “April 18th”

  1. okay Tanya check out my blog now and see my lush lawn.

    I would just die if I had a neighbour like yours. I can’t even see mine so I can’t count the dandilions or any other weeds between our fences. I hate chemicals, fertilizers any of that stuff and I’m a full time farmer!

  2. You have to be willing to spend the time and money to get a great lawn. We had great lawns in NM and AK. In VA, the grass would not grow nicely and here I don’t want to invest in the water that it takes to have a lush lawn (especially on my 1/2 acre). So mine will be lucky to get mowed, which it desperately needs now…. too bad I don’t own a lawn mower.

  3. We lived across the street from “one of those” in VA. He was a retired Marine officer. I think he made all his shrubbery salute him. It was sad.

    Your yard looks lovely, Tanya. Balance, it is all about balance. 😀

  4. We do not have a manicured lawn. Our neighbor has one and she spends every day out there pulling weeds, I can’t see. Our lawn is a nice shade of green weeds, which are very lucky to get mowed every other week. 😀 We even have some nice brown spots.

  5. Sigh, in the lucky to get mowed crowd! Hopefully that will change as our new “lawn” is nice and small… I can mow that if it doesn’t get done when it should… but hopefully without the barn excuse, it will get mowed and I won’t have too do that too!

  6. I’m thinking of burning off my grass and pouring concrete and painting it green. You have seen my yard Tanya, with the messed up sewer leaks! Nice thick fertilized.

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