April 17th

What a lovely day today was. The sun finally decided to shine, and I was able to put laundry on the line.

As I was hanging up the forty thousandth wash cloth th_hanginglaundry.gif, I began thinking about my Grams. She, and my mother, tell of hanging laundry all year long. Grams had 4 kiddos to wash for. That is a whole stinkin’ lot of laundry to wash, hang, fold and put away.

I remember going over to Grams house when I was little. I am told that I was spoiled rotten by her and my grandpa. ~~ I can’t remember it….and spoiling is something that one MUST remember!!~~ I am told that they would give me a piece of toast and jelly. I would lick the jelly off, and they would spread more on, over and over till the bread was mush. I also remember being allowed to take a sip or 2 of grandpa’s coffee. That was ALWAYS a big deal…. I remember being petrified of her bathroom. She had an enema bag hanging on the back of the door. I didn’t know what it was for, and it was SCARY!!! They had this wonderful weeping willow tree out in the front yard that I would play under. I loved that tree…made a wonderful house! She would take a nap with me and rock the bed so I would go to sleep, and I did the same for my kiddos. Even now, I find myself rocking the bed with my foot. Grams always made THE best pancakes. They were thick and she fried them in something (butter???) that made the edges all crispy. She didn’t use regular maple syrup on her pancakes……only Karo syrup. She had big jugs of the stuff and I remember getting them out of the bottom cupboard in her kitchen. I love my grandma. She is THE best!

How do you eat your pancakes? thick? thin? swimming in syrup? slathered in butter?

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7 thoughts on “April 17th”

  1. When I ate pancakes, I liked them not too thick, but not too thin, with a stick of butter, swimmin’ in syrup and bacon on the side. YUM!!

  2. Maple Syrup on pancakes. Yummmmm! I like them not to thick. What wonderful memeories you have with your granparents.

    I was just reading an article in the news paper that some city in the prairies is trying to band laundry being hung on the line. Say its an eye sort in the neighbourhood. I am so glad I live in the country. Only the birds get upset with the line of clothes and they do something about it. Poop always on the largest piece on the line- like that 100 year old table cloth!

  3. Enema bag hanging on the back of the door… YUCK! How can we discuss enema bags and pancakes in the same post??

    I like REAL Vermont maple syrup on my pancakes….

  4. Thick pancakes in a bit of butter on the pan for the crispy edges, with Maple syrup (from the bush nearby thanks to the neighbour).

    My secret is to add a wee bit of sour cream to the batter. I remove some milk and add the sour cream. It reacts great with the baking powder and we get fluffy yummy pancakes.

    I’d be scared of her bathroom too!

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