April 16th

I have lost my tithe check.   I always write it out, and stick it in my Bible.   I went to put it in the plate yesterday morning…….and it was GONE! shock_o_rama.gif  So, when we got home, I looked everywhere, anywhere, and no where.   I looked in my register to make sure that I ACTUALLY wrote the thing, because my brain is running on 1/2 power most of the time, I can’t remember if I did….  All checks were accounted for, except this one….so this morning I spent a good deal of time reconciling my statement!   That was NOT fun.  I did find some mistakes I had made in my registerblush.gif, but I can not find that check.  I am afraid that I might have put it in with some bills, or it has fallen out somewhere.  YIKES!!!scared4.gif

How often do you reconcile your bank statements???

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7 thoughts on “April 16th”

  1. Heh, I never balance my stuff, I merely nod and agree with the charges. My husband is pretty good about informing me about any odd purchases he makes.

    Anyhow, I personally write the check at the beginning of the sermon – sometimes I don’t know if I’ll be there than Sunday or not. Gives me less of a chance to lose it. 🙂

  2. Ummm..never. 🙂 I check my online bank statement a couple of times a week. I check to see that I have entered everything and that is about it. I guess that is kind of reconciling.

  3. I don’t reconcile my check book either. I will make a post-it note list and tack it to the computer of various payments I have scheduled and the few cheques I have written out.

    But typically I pay direct via the computer and it is done right away, nothing to loose.

    I always pay the church in cash that I get while grocery shopping.

  4. I hope you find that check, Tanya.

    We check the bank account online and My Love keeps up with making sure the checkbook is bananced & reconciled. We usually write the check for tithe on Sunday morning before leaving the house also…and put it in our bible.

  5. Oh, are we supposed to do that?
    Why do the banks charge a fee for”insufficient funds” when there isn’t any money there?

  6. I can’t believe so few of you balance your check books….. I hope someone is doing it if you aren’t. I balance mine bi-weekly on the bare minimum, sometimes every few days…. it just depends. I am working hard on budget and debt reduction, so I like to keep up with the stats!

    Tanya, It’s free for me to cancel checks at my bank online, but they charge a fee if I call, or go in person. I always write out my check ahead of time too. The church I just left in VA just started online giving. I LOVED it. It allowed me to pay my tithe immediately and didn’t depend on me having the check book which I rarely carry anymore.

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