April 15th

Tomorrow is tax day! dead.gif Just thought I’d warn you all!!!

This is how my son spent the last 2 days.  See the stack of note cards on the other chair’s arm?  Those are completed note cards.
He has known for 2 weeks that he had 40 note cards due for last Friday. So, Saturday he didn’t get to go out to breakfast with his youth leader, and today, he had to get them finished before I would allow him to go to youth meeting. He put it off and put it off and put it off…..sounds so much like his mother, it is scary!

He is getting just a bit silly….

Last night we watched Facing the Giants ~~I cried almost all the way through that one, and One Night With A King. It was good, but there was a lot in it that wasn’t true to the Bible……I have problems with movies like that. I know that movie makers take creative license, but still……it is the Bible we are talking about!!! I liked Facing the Giants better. I have been facing quite a few giants in the last 6-8 months or so, so it was very encouraging to me. Have you seen either of these movies??? Which one did you like best??? Which picture of my boy do you like best???

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6 thoughts on “April 15th”

  1. I haven’t and won’t see either. Not a movie person I guess. Takes too much time to watch/?

    I like the second picture. he looks like he is “finally” enjoying what he is doing.

    What is he writing on these note cards anyway?

  2. I have seen and actually own two copies of “Facing the Giants” and I love it. I’ve not seen the other movie.

    As for the pictures – I like the first one. It seems a better photograph and I like to see a young man hard at work. 🙂

  3. I’ve seen Facing the Giants and I love it. I haven’t seen the One night with the King…

    I like the #2 pic best…LOL

  4. I like picture #2 better. It shows the boys personality & silliness.

    I have seen both of these movies. Facing the Giants is much better than One Night With the King. I though Facing the Giants showed more real life application for me/us. We own FTG. I refuse to buy ONWTK. They took too many liberties with the story and twisted it around a bit. I didn’t like it.

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