April 14th

Procrastination~~I passed it on to my son.  I had to get it from somewhere…..I think it was from my mechanic father……yes, I am pretty sure that it was him….and now, I have followed in his illustrious footsteps and passed it on to the next generation.

The boy seems to dislike doing research papers………as did I.  However, as his teacher, I will not relent and allow him to not do one.  He is paying for his procrastination, and he is now having to do 40 note cards…due yesterday……..today!

I hate being the bad guy!

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One thought on “April 14th”

  1. And you hate being the “bad guy “with a huge smile on your face. I can see it here in the screen. Poor boy!

    Seems like we all have one like him thought. Makes a mom what to pull her hair out. My eldest was one and still is the same. As he got older it became that he couldn’t make up his mind on anything. That was even more frustrating ( to me). But it all passes when they find someone or something they love, then you can’t get them to gear back the other way.

    Have fun!

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