April 13th

Some friends of mine and I were discussing rationing today.  I often think of how spoiled we are, and so many times I just wonder how American’s would cope if they had to ration their food and clothing like they did back in WWII.  I got a list of what was rationed….what each person was allowed per week…

** 3 pints of milk
** 3/4 lb – 1 lb meat
** 1 egg or 1 packet of dried eggs every 2 months

** 3-4 oz cheese
**4 oz bacon and ham
** 2 oz tea
**8 oz sugar
**2 oz butter
**2 oz cooking fat
**+ 16 points a month for other rationed foods (usually tinned) subject to availability.

I know when I look at a typical day of cooking/baking, I will use at least 1/2 a dozen eggs,  1/2 a pound of butter, 1 pound of meat, 1/4 pound of cheese, and if I am baking, I will use at least 1 cup of sugar.

I know that there is a lot that I could do without…..but could you???  Could you make do with the amount of food on this list?

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5 thoughts on “April 13th”

  1. Sure I could. As long as McDonalds or Rallys was still open. I have Uncle Jim’s ration book from when he was little. Also have a page from an old newspaper dated July25,1940.coffee was 21cents a #,tomatoes 4 1/2 cents a #,potatoes were 19cents for 10#and a 5# bag of Jack Frost sugar was 26cents. Of course their wages were a little different then too.

  2. I would say that I could but only because there wouldn’t be a choice in the matter. Would I like it? Probably not but it’s survival and we do what we must.

  3. I could probably live on such limited amounts of items, but it would be very difficult. We would definitely have to have a garden! And we would have to work out some kind of bartering system with the local farmers!

  4. As it stands right now, I would have absolutely no clue how to survive on those amounts.

    I can tell you my husband would very, very quickly be complaining and moaning.

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