April 11th

Today is our wedding anniversary.

img0211.jpg That was then…

Family and this is now.

When anniversary comes to mind, what do you think of?  candle light dinner, movie, soft music, maybe some nice jewelry???  That is what comes to my mind.  Yesterday, when the husband said to me “lets go get your anniversary gift, I was thinking…….hoping against all hope I would be getting something like a 1 carat diamond ring.  That was not to be, however……..I did get this….

im000001_edited-1.jpg  Isn’t it nice?

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20 thoughts on “April 11th”

  1. Well, now that is an anniversary gift that I would love to get. Of course I have no idea what kind of a vehicle it is but it sure looks newer that what you had.

    My man wants to get a new vehicle but right now I’m trying to get things paid down/off so that we’ll be able to get a good rate w/a loan. I’d still rather go with a vehicle that is not brandy new but rather new to us and only 1-2 years old.

  2. I love your anniversary gift!!

    When I think of anniversary, I think of the card that Tim bought for me for our first anniversary, but he lost it before he could give it to me. He found it for our 7th, and he has given me the same card every year since. We will be married for 17 years this year.

    What I would like to think for an anniversary is a snug log cabin in the woods with a fireplace, no kids, and a huge hot tub. Oh yeah, I’d like maid service, too:)!

  3. Very nice!

    Congratulations on your Anniversary! I think that these kinds of things must be celebrated with much joy!

    May God bless you and your husband with many more years together 😀

  4. It is fabulous Tanya! I love my Honda van and I wouldn’t mind having a CR-V or whatever those intials are. It should be great on gas mileage, too. Put some pink or sparkly stuff inside (sort of like marking your territory, only better) and You Go Girl! : )

  5. Wow Tanya! I didn’t realize it was an SUV when Brad was telling me about it. It really is nice…I am so happy for you.

    Me…I would like a romantic dinner on some island somewhere away from everything and everybody except dad of course

  6. Oh!
    What a wonderful gift. You are one special person and its nice he does recongnize this. Can’t we all just see that smiling face behind the wheel.

    All the best, and many more.

  7. I LOVE CR-Vs! We looked at one when we were car-shopping 2 weeks ago that is the exact same color, but we ended up getting an AWESOME deal on a silver Passat that Mike now likes more than his jeep. (I really like it, too – in fact, I think it’s my favorite car yet!)

    Our anniversary is also on Valentine’s Day… the most romantic thing we’ve ever done for our anniversary was go to Niagara Falls for the weekend. The least romantic thing we did was actually our first anniversary – we ripped out carpet! But we were young & dumb newlyweds & were just happy to be together 🙂 Oh, and of course he got me roses & chocolates, too, but yeah… we ripped up carpet on our anniversary!

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