April 10th

I have decided that specialists……even though they have a degree…..sometimes are full of it!  The daughter’s tests came back normal.  He has diagnosed her with IBS.  I have IBS.  My mother, grandmother, cousin,  and sister all have IBS.  None of us have any symptoms near what the daughter has.  I was glad to see that the biopsy came back negative for celiacs.   Tomorrow we begin a elimination diet for her.  This will be…….interesting.

My son loves Jerry Lewis movies.  LOVES them!  He will sit and watch them, laughing so hard, tears stream down his cheeks.  I get more enjoyment watching him than watching the movie.  I don’t necessarily like them.  I enjoy a more refined type of humor, not the fumbling, bumbling, slap stick stuff.  I get the Jerry Lewis movies out from the library for him……and then I sit back and watch him.

What kind of movies do you like to watch?

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  1. I am so glad that all the tests came back negative. I hope that she gets better. Is IBS one of those things that kind of encompasses all different kinds of symptoms? Especially when they can’t find anything else?

    I think that kind of humor is a boy thing. I don’t get it, either.

  2. Here are the symptoms of IBS…

    * Chronic and frequent diarrhea, usually accompanied by pain
    * Chronic and frequent constipation, usually accompanied by pain
    * Abdominal pain or tenderness
    o Following meals
    o Relieved by bowel movement
    o Intermittent
    * Abdominal fullness, gas, bloating
    * Abdominal distention
    * Nausea and vomiting
    * Loss of appetite
    * Emotional distress
    * Depression

    She doesn’t have diarrhea, or constipation. She does have the abdominal pain, but it isn’t relieved by anything. No gas, no bloating, no abdominal distention, no nausea or vomiting, no loss of appetite, emotional distress or depression. The ONLY symptom that she DOES have is the pain.

    Again…….the doc is full of it!!!

  3. Be sure and read all labels when you are doing the elimination diet. It’s amazing what they put in foods now days. Especially corn syrup. I emailed a yummy recipe that Kirsten may like.

    Tim loves the 3 stooges. I absolutely hate them and do not see what in the world he gets out of it. I personally like movies like Seasons of the Heart and other “western romances.”

  4. Poor dear.
    I agree with the elimination of different foods. My guess would be either gluten ( flours) or milk , which as a dairy farmer I hate to say but!

    Most people see food and the grocery store and think yummy. But they never see how the food was produced. As a farmer I hate to think about it but its true. My cows do not get medications but many farmers out her pump them full of meds to keep them healthy. Like in people I beleive a good diet for cattle and sheep as well as for humans. But then we have issues like a farm 4km up the road sprayed human waste on their fields. Human waste still contains meds. Is this going to get into our water sorce at some time and make my cattle have conditions? We don’t know and I cringe to think about such realities….just look at the pet food re-call.

    Our food is so gentially altered we are making ourselves sick for the sake of larger production.

    Tanya find a good local food source and play around with foods for her. Try Kosher for awhile, see if it helps.

    I don’t like Jerry Lewis either. Did watch Bill Crosby DVD the other day and criied from laughing.

  5. Tressa, you are right. Sometimes IBS is the catch-all category for “we don’t know what is wrong aka unexplained abdominal pain”.
    And Marlyn, you are unfortunately right. What we do to our food supply should be criminal.

    I don’t care much for Jerry Lewis movies either, although they are preferred over the Stooges. If I have to watch a movie, I prefer no-brainer action flicks of the Mel Gibson/Arnold variety.

    So, what about your Anniversary gift, Tanya?!

  6. Now I’m a Jerry Lewis fan big time. I have several of his movies. I’m not a Stooges fan though the rest of the family sure gets a kick out of them.

    I do like watching my kids enjoy a good movie. 😆 But then I love watching them have a good time no matter what they are doing.

    The daughter and I love watching chic flicks and LHOTP episodes. I love comedies the best for movies over all but if I know the movie is good I’ll watch it no matter what the genra is except for horror.

  7. I like to watch mysteries. I try to figure them out before the end. I’m just a regular Jessica Fletcher. Both my boys have IBS. It is no fun!!!

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